1a throw VS 5a throw compare/contrast??


If a yoyo is good for 1a, would it not be good for 5a also? Or the other way around?
I’ve never played freehand or counter weight play. I am curious. Can someone elaborate? Thanks.



I personally don’t care for the shape of the FHZ or FH2(or Freakhand) for 1A. It just seems to feel better as 5A. Similarly, when I saw the stackless Grind Machine, the first though that went through my mind was 5A. Same with the DieNasty. The Roll Model clearly goes both ways. I’m not ready for a metal for 5A yet, and I like it OK for 1A.

The Dynasty by YYJ was designed with 5A in mind, but seems to be an XCon Pro with different weighting. The Pinnacle, also by YYJ, just isn’t cutting it for me for 5A or 1A.

Really, I’d say preferences is the key factor. I also find a bit more center weight seems to be better for 5A play.


Hey why are you up so late?
Playing 5a is scary. I got low ceilings. Don’t really want to try it until I perfect a few tricks in 1a.


for me lighter throws feel better during 5a lite the supernova lite,yyj destiny,yyj fever,and yyj vigilante are right in the 62.5-64 gram mark ilove but different strokes for different folks


Generally wider catch zones are preferred for 5a. But it doesn’t really matter. Anything good at 1a will be good st 5a too… right now I use a phenomizm and I thinking is perfect for 5a


small bearing yoyos seem to be popular for 5a


At first you will probably find what ever 1A yoyo you like to be less then perfect for 5A.
This will lead you down a path of tighter gaps tackier response.
Over time when your throw is developed well for 5A you will find most 1A if not all 1A yoyos you like, will play fine.
How ever for me it is a balance on how the yoyo moves. If it moves to easy or hard while doing tricks it throws off the timing for the counterweight. Also if the yoyo moves to easy it will get pulled around by the counterweight in a way I don’t’ like. As well as if the yoyo is too heavy or too hard to move around then it will pull around the counter weight in a way I don’t like.