What do you think makes a yoyo good for 5A?

Is there anything you look for when looking at yoyos for 5A play?


There’s no such thing as a yoyo that’s “good for 5A” as a general statement. That’s like saying “what makes a yoyo good for 1A.” It’s entirely preference, and if you look at yoyos used for 5A by top players you’ll see a huge variety of different things.

I personally like heavy, narrow, big diameter, and super stable yoyos. A lot of popular 3A yoyo options I really like for 5A. Your hands are only so wide, and I have kinda small hands, so less width gives me more lenience with the plane of my efans. Less width also lets me make smaller movements to move the string around the yoyo for remount stuff.


There’s no such thing as 5a


I think if you have something you’re comfortable with for 1A that you don’t mind getting messed up, use that.

I mostly use a Duncan Roadrunner or a Recess First Base because they have good control for me and they were $20 each so I don’t care how dinged up they get.


I find that rim weight, and stability are most important for 5a. Some Duncan throws like the barracuda are great.
Hands down the best 5a yoyo in my experience is the Duncan Yoshicua X


My process when I get a new yoyo is to try it for 1A, then if it doesn’t feel right, try it for 5A. If it still doesn’t feel right I just sell it


I feel like it is kind of helpful when you have a wide Yoyo when doing 5A.


To me, it’s strength, I’ve totally written off bi metals, hybrids, and 6061 throws for 5A at this point. 7068 mono metals, TI and SS is what i would say are ideal 5A materials.

Big catch zone and a very stable yoyo are true for any style of play. Strength is the only think i really care about in a 5a yoyo.


I really like the galaxy dinosaur for 5a and I don’t know if you can still get it but the windouary? From C3 was also awesome for 5a. Wider the better I thought.

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you can use any yoyo for 5a but in my opinion the thing that matters is the counterweight that you put on the yoyo.

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What type of counterweight do you prefer? I’ve been looking at the normal Candy Dice and the Candy Dice Unkle version which is bigger

■■■■■■■■■■ chainmail counterweight (sorry i just noticed it does that because i cant say name but its a trick website with a store with it)

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honestly, i think that the yyf Genesis and cw for 55 dollars its a good monometal yoyo

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what yotricks?



The best yoyo!