What makes a good 5a yoyo?

I have heard people say that the Genesis is the best 5a yoyo, why is this? I assume it has to do with stability but I don’t know…what makes a good 5a yoyo?

Stability. Long sleep times. Some people like a larger catch zone.

There are some yoyos designed with 5A in mind, like the Duncan Freehand 2 and FreeHandZero, but I think there are plenty of better 5A options out there, including stuff like the YYJ Destiny, which is specifically marketed as a 5A yoyo.

Really, take your favorite 1A yoyo, put a counterweight on the other end of the string and you’re started in the right direction.

A yoyo

i like whatever as long as it has a small bearing and pad recesses are really cool too

It really all depends on what style of 5A you do and what you like.

If you’re a person like Elephark Who does various freegens/regens in your 5A, you’re going to want something with a smaller gap to make those regens smooth. (Bape/eetsit, fh0, kickside etc)

If you’re into fast play like Takeshi Matsuura and prefer tons of fast play with e-fans/tanglers, you’re going to want something smaller and lighter that will allow for faster movement as well as a counter weight that doesn’t cause a lot of string tension loss when spinning. (example: destiny,ai, prelude phenomizm Supernova lite)

Tyler Severence does a lot of tanglers and wraps so he wants something that’s going to stay stable (example severe/supernova line)

List goes on it’s pretty obvious though.

Basically you want to figure out what you like in a yoyo and what kind of 5A you like doing and then work with that. My advice would be to go around the BST and pick up some stuff and try em out and See what you like.