What makes a good 5a yoyo?

Is it the shape, weight, weight distributation, or what?

Any large, stable yoyo, such as the YYF genesis

The player using the yoyo.

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Not at all. I am really bad at 5a, and I would do so much better with a Genesis or a superstar, then a velocity. He isn’t asking what makes a good 5a freestyle or something, he is specifically asking about the yoyo.

I think it has to do with the shape, like a good gap so the string and the counter weight can fly around and not miss the yoyo. Also, you need stability, like not to heavy or light. Thats why the Genesis is such a good 5a.

Stability is really the biggest factor when it comes to a good 5a yoyo. Other things like gap width, weight, shape, etc. are all really just preference.

Personally, I prefer a wide, undersized, H shaped yoyo. I know that a lot of people like over sized round shapes.

In general, if you like a yoyo for 1a, you’ll probably like it for 5a.

I’d say it’s as easy as this. Take your favorite 1A throw, add a CW, boom: you’re ready for 5A. Now go practice!

Yeah, pretty much any 1a will do. Just Don’t learn using something you like :wink:

Takeshi won in 2008 with a lyn fury.

But yeah, like others have said, stability is one of the key things.

I’ve noticed that both the Severe and the Destiny have their weight focused in the middle. My favorite yoyo is my Gleipnir, but I hate it for 5a.

1A yoyo = 5A yoyo.
5A yoyo = 1A yoyo

Simple as that, best advice you’ll ever hear of the issue.


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while any 1A throw can be used for 5A, we could say the same for 4A as well

in the end, if you can play 5A, it’s all gonna be a matter of preference, but I know my favorite 5A throws tend to be 5A specific such as the destiny (YYJ), Ai (basically a metal, heavier version of the destiny), I love my steamroller as well, trainwreck (this one’s oldschool, the OG at least) and the list goes on.

so while all rim weight is definitely nice for 1A, I like my 5A throws more balanced between rim and center weight.

The Main reason for me not getting rid of my Genesis yet is because I want to use it for 5a I got a miggy signature genesis which doesn’t that just scream 5a? :slight_smile: But I have not bought a counter weight or made my own yet. When I was at world’s 2010 I took the 5a beginners class and the guy was with Duncan and said that he does not recommend using the genesis at all based on when you throw the gensis out with the weight the yoyo dives down where the ones he uses floats out more and is more fluid. Which (besides being a duncan guy telling me to put away my yyf) made since and I switched to one they had and I did notice an ease with learning a little better. But that was the last time I tried 5a.

I don’t really think that doing 5a with an 888 or any undersized throw would be a ton of fun. I think you would probably want a regular sized yoyo. Just like I’m not sure using an deitz would be a great 4a choice :slight_smile:

I’m not ready for 5A yet, but it’s a goal(Before 4A and 3A). I think once you get the fundamentals down, you’ll be able to use whatever you want.

I still have preferences for oversized throws, such as my Dark Magic II(and my OD Code 1), and I think that the large catch zones of both of these would lend itself very well to 5A as you don’t have to be as precise, but still have to have a great throw.

I think the weak side of the undersized throw is the smaller target area. But, I don’t see why it can’t be just as easy with sufficient practice.

I know for me, the oversized throws are easier to deal with for now. But that’s just 1A. I am working a lot with my glowing DieNasty to get super comfortable with it. Ordering some glowing superballs in a couple of weeks to bore out to be CW’s. I figure “that shouldn’t cause any damage!”.

I think the best way to start is with a solid, stable yoyo you don’t mind dinging up, be it plastic, metal, bi-metal or whatever. it’s gonna get dropped so accept that and you’re on your way!

Full size is definitely a plus, I try and stay away from anything less than 52mm for 5A (although I do use a couple of undersize throws for 5A as well)

but I think there are a lot of wrong ideas about 5A

first off, yes, in 5A you WILL drop your throw, a lot when beginning, almost never after a few weeks of practice. I’ve played my mint, team edition steamroller, pretty much drunk for a whole week end in the streets of barcelona, played it countless times outside over concrete after that, never feared once to drop it, never dropped it.

I only use plastic/cheap stuff whenever I practice tricks where I have to “let go of everything” at some point.

but once you got your tricks down, you pretty much don’t drop your throw anymore, my rule of thumbs here is practice: plastic (or cheap/beater), play: whatever I feel

and about the wide catch zone, yes and no, if you can throw, you can throw and play straight, so you’ll hit the string whatever happens, I’m not even remotely good and had fun with an aoda the littles playing 5A a couple weeks ago (might shoot it sometime later), I’m not saying it wasn’t harder, it was, but not THAT much harder, the toughest part to manage was the balance between that small thing and the CW

as for the genesis, never tried in 5A or lately tried it once a week after throwing so I can’t say much about it, but I like throws that were specifically designed for 5A better and in general, throws with the weight balanced between center and rims rather than “all rim weight” philosophy. But all in all, if you can play, you can play on anything, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

if you want to get started, the YYJ Destiny setup will make a few 5A specific tricks just that much easier than your random 1A throw.

I also find it that some throws that are not considered any good by 1A players can sometime be fairly decent 5A throws.

Yeah, I was just looking at that Destiny and seriously thinking of picking that up. Makes a lot of since to have the weight centered more on 5a plus I’m interested to see how that counter weight with ball bearing works. Plus 50.00 isn’t going to break the bank…well at least not too much haha.

By the way, is there a better place that shows more tricks for 5a? I know this site has a very select few, but is there any place that has a good amount of videos for 5a learning?


I haven’t really been actively looking for 5A tricks to download videos for.

What I like about what is offered here is that it gets you the basics. Once you can do those, I would assume you should be able to take apart almost any other trick and figure it out, or at least have the tools to throw your own.

Use your gleipner chris.

there is a very limited amount of quality tutorials for 5A, but a good place to start

go on youtube, look for “rannosteachs” channel

but once you got the basics down, you’ll pretty much be on your own when it comes to learning new tricks.

I also got a couple 5A tutorials on my youtube and dailymotion channels (hadoq)