Qualities of a 5A yoyo these days

I’m not really looking for recommendation on a particular throw, but wanted to bring up the questions and figured the general yoyo thread would be ideal for this since we’d be discussing the dynamics of a 5A throw.

So what makes a given yoyo better suited for 5A over another? I started thinking about this earlier when I was experimenting with different plastics in my yoyo collection and a few possible metals. I know/realize a lot of it is preference-based but at the same time I’d think there would be certain things that would make X yoyo better suited for 5A over Y or Z yoyo. Just like, a low walled rim-weighted yoyo with a fairly large gap/catch zone would be better for horizontals as opposed to something with rather high walls and thinner catch zone.

From my observations so far when trying out different yoyos for size/feel, I’ve noticed yoyos relatively close to the counterweight’s weight work better than others…like I felt like my Dark Magic 2 may have been a little on the heavier side for my Duncan dice.

What are your inputs for those who have more 5A experience?

I like something comfy to catch(so organic) and stable

I think yoyofactory regen is the perfect example a bit heavy h shape stable not too wide. I think stable, weight, and width is important something a bit heavy not too wide are the main factors.