Yo-Yo for 1A and 5A

Hello everyone,again.
Once again I came here for some suggestions.My friend is somewhat good at 1A,but he’s learning 5A too.Since he decided he needs a new yoyo,which will suit both divisions.Im not a 5A guy,so I don’t really know
So,main factors should be:
1.Long spinning time.
For him diameter should be from 54-56.Wide catch zone,width,he said he likes MIN-43 ;MAX. 47-48.
Price range 35-55$
Pleas help.

Duncan Origami comes with counterweight


OD Code 2 rules for both. For 5A the key for me is rims that are not sharp. But I would personally hate to have to swap out a counterweight to swap between 1A and 5A.


So Canon or Origami,Code 2 is way above his price range.
Also a question from me:Can a yoyo play 5A when it wasnt made for it?Like iYoyo 2?or Gauntlet?Or plastic replay pro?

Haven’t tried gauntlet for it but I’d imagine it be good at it, I love it for 1a. I’ve heard really good things about the replay pro for 5a. Skyva is a great throw in general and seems pretty good for 5a I don’t really know because I suck at 5a. Basically what people have told me is that any good 1 a yoyo will be decent at 5a, of course some will be better than others but if it’s good at 1a I don’t think it will be terrible for 5a at least to learn on.

Desperado seems good for 5a, stealth too.