Getting back into 5a

Hey guys I’m getting back into yoyo in general. Never really liked 1a always like 4a and 5a more. Wondering what are some good 5a metal yoyos to look around for on here. Im really curious to try out the atlas it was designed for 5a I’m pretty sure. I’m also curious about the horizon/horizon ultra shape but can’t find anything about how it plays for 5a. Also something that has a fingerspin cup or something that allows fingerspins because they are really fun. Been using a wedge since I got back into things and Im wanting to try a metal out. Doesn’t need to be wedge-like in shape. But what are your guys suggestions. :slight_smile:



UNPRLD abduction for something on the cheaper side.

Or Czech Point Pivot if you MUST have a fingerspin cup

Budget is around like 30-35 dollars ish maybe 40.
Doesn’t have to be from the company I kinda want to buy something from someone on here I just don’t know what to look for.

The Atlas wasn’t designed for 5A, Jake just happened to prefer using it for 5A. What you really want is anything relatively stable and without high walls.

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The YYF 5A yoyo is the Canon. Comes with a nice delrin with bearing counterweight and is quite the great package for a budget 5A yo. I hear this yoyo maintains even after taking a beating, and since I own one I can attest to it being a nice stable yoyo. I have a MYY Hotdiggidy strung up with the counterweight for 5A, but the Canon package is hard to resist imo.

Yea I was looking at the hotdoggity and the Duncan windrunner earlier.

I don’t have experience with either of those but they definitely look serviceable. I’d also recommend checking out the TopYo lineup, or searching the YoYoExpert store by the price range you have in mind and see what interests you.

I’ve been using the N12 for 5A lately and i love it. It’s cheap, stable and durable, and those are good qualities to have since you will be dropping and dinging your yoyo a lot… I’ve abused mine to an absurd level and it’s still going strong.

If you’re curious about how it plays, It handles 5A pretty well as shown in the trick below.