Good 5a throw?


I’m just looking for a decent throw for 5a I have been using Yyj classic and want something better.


Sine//Saw is really good for 5a


5A throws designed for 5A are just designed to cater to someones (likely the person it was designed for) taste in yoyos.
So basicly if you really like a throw for 1A you may really like it for 5A.
Not to say every 1A yoyo is great for you for 5A, but your 1A taste is going to spill over into your 5A cup.
In other words asking something like this, will get you exactly nowhere, that just taking shots in the dark trying new yoyos won’t get you.
Basically tie a counter weight to any throw you have and see. even if you think it is not as good as the classic you may like it better for 5a.
I use a duncan mg proto, a 09’ severe, and a bio malleus almost always for my 5A. but found I also like several other throws just not as much.
There is no single yoyo that is blanket good for 5A just like any other style. I think if you look at those who competed in 5A this year at worlds you will find very little in common with each other’s yoyo. Just don’t buy a 2A throw and you are going to be fine. :wink:


I would do a Grind Machine


I find the Classic to be pretty darn good for 5A, at least it is for me.

The next question is:
DO you want something with 5A in mind, or do you just want something readily compatible?

First, for 5A-specific:
I find that stock, the FHZ isn’t quite good. It needs mods. The FHZ Pulse is pretty good though. The FH2 is good once the bearing is cleaned, as well as the Metal Drifter, and then they go dead unresponsive for me.

I find the YYJ Pinnacle to be too light for my preferences.

THe YYJ Destiny: This is my main 5A yoyo, but that isn’t saying much as I’m really lame at 5A.

As far as other affordable yoyos:
I feel the Stackless Grind Machine, PSG(gem series better), DieNasty and even the Protostar make great 5A yoyos. I don’t like the Trigger for 5A since it’s prone to rim destruction on bad hits.

Short of that, find any 1A yoyo you like, and then see how you like it for 5A. There’s no need to have to spend money on a new yoyo right now. It sounds like you have a suitable counterweight, so that’s really all you need. I would recommend plastic for now.


The cyclon freehand zero is really good.




I think the surge would work well