5a throw????

I’m interested in trying out some 5a. What would be a good throw to start out with???

Thanks in advance

You will want a plastic throw for 5a so here are my choices, A classic, alpha crash and yyf delrin severe.

A quality plastic, such as the YYJ Classic (unresponsive modded), YYJ Surge (if it lives up to the hype), C3 Alpha Crash, YYF Proto or Northstar, or pretty much any delrin.

Do you think the grind machine would be good for 5a

It’s a decent shape for 5A. The Stackless is a bit better, no stacks to distract.

When you’re first starting 5a, using metals can be very intimidating. Soon you won’t care about dings (Barely a anno’ed spot on the rims of my cascades!), but in the beginning, you want something that you can really bang around.

The Grind Machines is alright, but I’d strongly recommend the Classic. It’s one of my favorite 5a yoyos, and while it may not spin as long as some metals, it can certainly hold it’s own. I can’t comment on the surge yet, but the classic is excellent.

Of course, you’ll need a new bearing and pads for the classic to wokr.

The Surge and the Classic are pretty much a tie when it comes to playability. Just the shapes are different. Get one of those.

I would highly recommend the Adegle PSG as a starter 5A throw. Very nice and stable, great spins, and of course, incredibly durable.

Check it out!



Any throw. Just know it’s going to hit the ground. :wink:

I’ll second the PSG. Cheap, durable, and a decent player.

I like the protostar.

I really enjoy the Alpha Crash. Great specs and shape. Nice and Wide

I use a stackless GM it gives a good weight to do your tricks with as well as a really good gap to do your tricks. However I modified my Yomega maverick by putting a large beading in and it does amazing or alright in 5a right now

Nothing wrong with the original, Freehand series, Fh2, Fhz!