best yoyo for 5a

Hey!!I want to start 5a.!Can I use a YYF Whip,YYF one,YYF Grind Machine (Stackless).


Any 1a yoyo will work. But I think there are some made for 5a.

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Any 1a yoyo will work for 5a. Just put a counterweight on it and you are good to go. However, some are better than others.
Similar to 1a, what is best to you may not be the best for somebody else. Its all based on preference.
That being said, I like my String Theory Orion a lot for 5a right now.
The Freehand zero is a great beginner choice as it comes with counterweights.
The Genesis was designed with 5a play in mind. It is a great yoyo for 5a.


Out of the 3, the pgm is best. For beginner I’d recommend a YoYoJam Classic once it comes out. It’s super durable and great for the 5th A.

Offstrings yoyos are the best. Don’t listen to anyone else.


for what you have use the sgm although if you want to buy a yoyo get a yyj pinnacle

Of the 3 you mentioned, the stackless Grind Machine would be the best in my opinion.

The One and Whip are both quite light and this can make learning 5A a bit awkward, especially once you move on to standard weight yoyos.

The Stackless GM is a more standard weight that feels much nicer for 5A play than the other two options, and would be a great choice for learning some new 5A tricks.

I would recommend it!

Good luck with 5A!


Like the fox said, the one and whip are in my book “featherweight” yoyos and they can make learning 5a awkward and it will feel extremely different when moving on to a standard weight.
I personally use my PGM (with stacks, I love catching) primarily for 5a, since I don’t mind beating it up a little, and its as heavy as the rest of my collection.
Hope I helped!

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Use a yoyo that you don’t mind dropping, you will probably drop the yoyo a lot.

thank you all of you for helping me out

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I use a halo. i find catching most yoyos 5a style to be uncomfortable, but the shape of the halo is perfect for me

Like a fiesta xx?

Of your choices, the stackless PGM. It seems to naturally want to be a 5A throw. I personally prefer a bit more catch zone myself, but this is nice. I was using a DieNasty. I’m just too lazy to move the counterweight to the stackless PGM at the moment.

I find the weight of the YYJ Pinnacle to be a bit lighter than I would prefer for now. I’m still learning 5A stuff though. The better my throw gets, the more I like this one though.

I still prefer the weight of the stackless Grind Machine. I should get a matching Takeshi dice or something. Those little things are sweet!