5a 5a 5a yoyo.....

(Ryan) #1

hmmmm i have been thinking to start on 5a but dont really know what yoyo to get…can you guys tell me which yoyo is good for 5a because i dont have experience in it yet…And i dont want a metal or bi metal yoyo because if i drop it…you know lol…

o yeah where do you guys play 5a?(im scared it will hit the floor lol)

(JonasK) #2

I have heard the PGM is really good for 5a. It has good and adjustable weight. You can also try out the Black Knight or the Hot Shot.

Addment: Every yoyo will work for 5a, but some may be better fitted.


Use whatever you want for 5a. Just use any yoyo that you have and are willing to scratch.


If you want something cheap get stackless PGM. I’ve got one and it’s great for 5a because of adjustable weight and durable material (You can buy one with stacks if you want to). But you can use any yoyo: Lyn fury, FHZ, FH2, Kickside…


Just get a lyn fury or a kickside. Both are cheap and play really nice.

(Yin) #6

Yo-yos are meant to be dropped!!!

But get a FHZ!

They are one of my fav yo-yos.

Not only is it great for 5A it’s amazing for 1A!




I was just playing with my M1 over concrete doing 5A(it is all I do, so if you have any quick qeustions feel free to ask. Just saying.) so anyway, I dropped it and now it is everything but mint.


PGM’s are ownage for 5a!!!


so aggred


I think that Gungs are one of the best, but I did not suggest it because they are so hard to get. :’(

If I had it my way all I would have in my collection would be like 15 gungs and 15 bullies, and maybe a wedgie or EKG in there somewhere. lol


Agreed. I really like a X-convict fer 5a also.


Do it while skydiving. ;D