Next 5A YoYo?

Ok guys. I really wanna get serious and start some 5a. Im pretty good as is. But I suck at the same time.

Im somewhere between hopeless, great, and SuperNoob.

At the moment ive been using my P2 and Lyn Fury.
I was thinking my next one should be a PGM or maybe a 5150. Ive heard good things about them for 5a.

I dont know how to tell you how good I am because Ive just been messing around making up my own stuff. A select few of you may have seen my same post about this on “The Other Forum”.

But I wanna hear what my pals at YYE have to say.

So far this is what i have been suggested to get:

Atmosphere (Already Have One)

Heres what i dont want to hear. Mainly because A: I already have one. Or B: I dont like them for 5A.
Dark Magics
Free Hand Zeros

Thanks! :slight_smile:

if you want to start with a small yoyo, speed maker is great and durable. if you want big, maybe aquarius(if this site gets more of them), or normal size would be a Die-Nasty. those are great ones in my opinion PLUS they don’t cost much.

I like using my Axiom for 5A ;D

If you were leaning towards the PGM, i would suggest a Counter Attack, It is heavier than the PMG

Got a SpeedMaker. They stink for 5a in my opinion. Aquarius’s are discontinued and I already have 4 of them lol.

DIE-NASTY. Wow, I cant believe myself. I totally forgot about the new YYF’s/

Ill check them out.

Axiom is awesome for 5a. I lost mine though. cant find it and dont wanna spend 80 bucks on a new one. :’( :’( :’(

Yeah, the Counter Attack and PGM sound great. Die-Nasty would be another great choice because it is a lot like both of them. I use a Nimbus for 5a, but I don’t love the shape because it hurts a bit, I guess angled yo-yos aren’t my thing for 5a. I recommend an M1, or Mayhem. They’re both great. The M1 is slightly rounded and the Mayhem is very rounded. They would both be great choices if you’re looking at metals, Atmosphere or Counter Attack if you’re looking at metal rimmed, or PGM or Die Nasty if you’re looking at plastic. However, I’ve never tried a Die-Nasty, I’m basing it off the shape.

ive heard mixed reviews on the die nasty, some have a bad vibe, some are smooth, i wouldnt take a chance on it and save the money. that being said the bully and 5150 are both great for 5a but i would recommend the wedgie, its a fairly low price and out plays almost everything in that price range

I would just stick with what you’re currently using. If you’re just now getting serious, you’re not really going to notice much of a difference. All that really matters is balance between the yo-yo and the counterweight.

If you must get a new yo-yo, I recommend the Kickside.

Honestly the Bully is a beast for 5a, but I highly highly highly recommend the wedgie for 5a. it’s just… all together an amazing 5a yoyo. I also like the TT alot for 5a, but they’re not in stores yet! (SOON!!!)