good 5A yoyos

i want to start freehand but i need a good beginner yoyo for it any ideas?

I see that you have a Legacy, and it’s perfectly fine for 5a, I love it for 5a.

But if you’re really determined on buying a new one, try a Lyn Fury, Die Nasty, or PGM, they’re all great 5a yo-yos.

Die Nasty, FHZ (recessed), flying squirrel, and a gung fu if you can find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any kind of Freehand will be great (and your Legacy)

A Freehand Zero would be best because they are common and easy to mod or have modded when you get better.

Would a kickside be a good 5a yoyo?

kickside’s pwn as 5a. But your legacy should be fine, no, it is fine.

maybe atmosphere

I wouldn’t start 5a with anything resembling metal.

just use wut you use for 1a

Does that mean kickside is good? ???

Yes, the Kickside is fine. And so are most 1A yoyos. Just throw a CW on it. A good, cheap 5A throw would be a PGM.

Whats PGM?

It’s a yoyo.

I know that but could you like give me a link to it?

any kind of 1a yoyo can be used for 5a. Try freehand 1,i heard it plays well

personaly i dont like my freehand i have an atmosphere but im not that good so i dont want to get any dings in it so i use a hybusa

maybe a counter attack would be a good 5A yo yo

die nasty is good