5A YoYos


I need some help finding a good 5A yoyo that is under $80. If you know of any please reply, thx

(J. Lev) #2

Any yoyo for 1A is good for 5A. I recommend a Train Wreck, though. SPYY always makes a quality yoyo, and the TW was designed especially with 5A in mind.

(Jesse) #3

I use my M1 usually when I play 5a, and its price tag is at $60. I’ve used an original Trainwreck by SPYY, and it’s a great 5a yoyo, but the Trainwreck 2, which is what is being made right now, is around $105, which is over your price limit.


Just use a yoyo you have. Most really good 5a players do that as far as I know. They mainly just have stuff for 5a, but I bet that if they wanted to do 1a they would use the same yoyos.


YoYoNation’s 5A section: http://www.yoyonation.com/home.php?cat=270

Just hit the price button until you get cheapest to most expensive.

I like the Alchemy CU. And the Buzzon Element X Chop Shop Edition is good, too.

If they had the Gung-Fu’s in stock, which they don’t, get them. Try a B/S/T section.


Just use your favorite 1A yo-yo. But if you really want another yo-yo, I recommend the Freehand Zero.


If you are complete begginer in 5a than you can use any 1a yoyo but not all 1a yoyos are good 5a players. Good 5a yoyos are: PGM, FHZ (but you need to mod it) however I think you should wait for Genesis, it will cost around 80. There are many great yoyos for 5a.


I don’t know, stock FHZ’s are pretty good players IMO, and they really smoothen you out. The Kickside is another great choice for a 5A yo-yo.


For $80 and under,
I recommend:

YYJ hg’s, or oversized yoyos such as pyro’s (you can find one cheap these days), Bgrade 888’s, superstars, such.

I like heavier yoyo’s for 5a as well as oversized yoyos with good rim weight.

Good luck


A 1A=5A
but you can check out yoyonation.com’s 5a section


PGM is good.