actual 5a yoyos

does anybody know 1a yoyos actually built for 5a (besides SPYY Trainwreck?)

You have the Freehand 1, 2 and Zero from Duncan of course. But I believe that the Pure series are made for 5a. But then again, they are as good as unavailiable at the moment. But in the end, you can experiment with different wieghts and find out what you like better for 5a.

Also, the Plastic Grind Machine is one GREAT player for 5a.

As Pheenix said, the Pure is great for 5a. However, I doubt you will want the first run, as it is nearly $300 :wink:

How 'bout Black Knight yoyo for 5A, as for yoyojam. (AJ Kirk love his Black Knight yoyo) :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

well,there arent many yoyos built for specificly 5a,I use FH1 am getting a FH0 and use my PGM and my velocity is my main 5a throw right now :slight_smile: