5A yoyo

Hey i recently got into 5a yoyoing…jeez its fun!! any suggestions for a good 5a yoyo? im using my speedmaker right now and idk if thats the best

I use my dark Magic or my Legacy.
A Velocity or a PGM or both good choices.

aplastic grind machine would be a great choice!There are also FH0 but those require some moddind to play really good.

In my opinion, PGM’s are better then my YYJ Bi-Metals for 5a :wink:

The Original 5A Yo-yo DUNCAN FREEHAND. Any of them FH1,FH2, FHZ, METAL ZERO.

A nice yoyo I find good for 5A is the new yomega hotshot.
Its my main 5A throw right now.

Very smooth, great response, awesome play.

I love it.

Other yoyos would be the FHZ, and the PGM.
Both great 5A players also.

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I think sticking with your Speedmaker would be fine.
If you want another yoyo that’ a solid 5A player, I recommend the Kickside. It’s durable, has a comfortable shape, and has great balance with a duncan die!

I’m using my PGM. It’s great for 5A cause you can change weight of the yoyo, it’s durable and very smooth.

I use my Axiom and it works fine for 5A.

I use my FHZ… its a good throw. Then again, I barely ever throw 5a.