I am looking for a nice 5A throw and i am a beginner at 5A so I want a nice 5A that is under 20 dollars. :slight_smile:

what ever is good for 1A is good for 5a bt i would highly suggest a legacy at 22 dollars it is great or maybe a die-nasty at 17 dollars is awesome

You could also try the kickside

Yeah, there are a lot of great choices. You can really use any yoyo that you already have, but if you want another one…

Do you know how to bind?


do you have the dark magic?
DO you like it?

Well then you are open to almost anything. I guess what I would recommend most is the Freehand Zero. It comes with counterweights and is really the ideal yoyo for 5A. Also, as you get better you can mod it very easily to suit your more advanced needs.

But other great choices would be a Kickside, Lyn Fury, Die Nasty, Fast 201, or a Legacy if you’re willing to spend a couple extra bucks (it will play better than a FHZ right out of the package).

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FHZ ftw

fhz, and learn to recess it later when you get better, i pad recessed mine and love it its such an amazing 5a throw

just get a lime green legacy and it will love you forever!!!

I highly recommend the hotshot for a good plastic 5A yoyo.

They were my main 5A throw for a while and they worked perfectly.

Also good is the kickside and the FHZ.


Lyn Fury

I say Die-Nasty…

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Die-nasty. Though I’ve nevah tried it, but it looks like it would pwn for 5A.

probably die-nasty. :wink:

Die nasty

no one said throw monkey? well i will.


it is surprisingly smooth after i sili recessed it and now i love it. try it. or go legacy if ur willing to spend a few extra bucks, its worth it.

since you know how to bind yeah a legacy, it will spin long, a geat plastic for $22 for all you guys that don’t know, i think there are meatl weights inside the yoyo so it’s not completely plastic.
another good chioce would be a nice Velocity I use my velocity for eveything:1A,4A,5A, and learning 3A. great spin times and makes a an accurate player out of you.

Yes… The legacy does have metal weights… and Yes… Its an amazing throw for 20 bucks