Starting freehand play, yoyo recommendations?

Hey, I’m thinking about starting 5A and wondering which yoyo I should use. I want something cheap since it will be my first 5A yoyo and i plan on upgrading later on. Some people i have told me that i should use the YYF ONE that just came out. Is that a good or bad idea? Should i be looking at a different yoyo? I like both undersized and over sized but i’m not sure which one would be better for freehand.

Duncan free hand zero is really good and easily modded

The one is REALLY light. I have a throw monkey, flying squirrel and a popstar for 5a. I only play over carpet or grass with the popstar though because it’s metal. It’s also really hard.

The one might be okay but I also might not have the spin time for learning tricks and combos or transitions smoothly.

possibly a shinwoo techno

A Protostar. It’s light and spins long eough for any trick. Easy to manuever.

what ever you use for 1a will be fine for learning 5a. if you really want something new, try the Phenomizm.

the techno is a boss for 5a,though the protostar is excellent as well.The popstar’s tricky, cause the counterweights most of the time around the same size as the yoyo, but it will function. The protostar was not fast enought for me, i dont know why but the counterweight always would go faster than the yoyo, although normally it’s a pretty fast yoyo. I would really recomend the techno for its speed, lightness and durablility. Also, for $10, even if you don’t like it, how could you go wrong? The popstar, I would only recomend for 5a only if you are already a 1a beast, because landing anything is impossible on it. I would avoid anything metal or metal rimmed if your just starting 5a, for the counterweight will hit the yoyo a lot and you most likely will drop it tons. As said before, whatever is fine for 1a is fine for 5a, as it’s mostly the same thing. If you really don’t want the techno, the other yoyo’s i would recomend are:
Lyn Furry,
Protostar/Northstar(i guess…it’s questionable),
and if you are on carpet…
DM(i have a personal grudge against these, but other people like them),
DV888 (and other cheap metals of the like)

Remember, even if you don’t like what you get, there is no such thing as a bad yoyo. There are only yoyo’s that are being used for the wrong thing.PM me if you need more advice/trick help.Hope it helped.

Aaah yes, the Lyn Fury. One of the most chosen yoyo’s 5A.

i vote starlite

I think you should get the Die-Nasty, or the Duncan Freehand Zero. Both are yoyos designed with 5a in mind.

I vote for duncand freehand zero

…and the YYJ Kickside. Both are great for learning 5a, can take a beating, and aren’t that expensive.

if you

  • are able to modify a yoyo
  • want good CWs

get a FHZ

if you

  • want a good performer right away out of the box

get some “star” (north/proto/lite)

if you

  • are confident

just use whatever you’ve been using for 1A

you should try that new YYJ throw, the takashi matsuura signature, I’d go for this one.