Good 5a yoyo

I’ve decided to try and learn 5a and was wondering what a good yoyo to learn on is. I was thinking maybe a psg because I hear they can take a hit. But what do you guys suggest?

That works.

How much you want to spend?

Some low-cost models include but aren’t limited to:
Classic, Stackless Grind Machine, PSG, Lyn Fury(clean the bearing and silicone it) and the Pinnacle if you want an all in one solution. If you want the PSG, might I suggest the PSG Gem. It’s newer, heavier and I feel plays better.

All can take a beating, plastic and do good at 5A.

Stepping up, any of the “star” yoyos from YYF: Protostar, Northstar, Starbright, One Star. Dienasty is really good for 5A as is the Protostar. Also, the Trigger is another amazing 5A throw. It’s like it was designed with 5A clearing in mind yet is able to also do 1A as well.

I wouldn’t recommend spending more than that to get started.

Freehand Zero is a great choice, as well. People talk a lot of crap about stock Freehands, but that’s because they don’t know how to use a yoyo.

I have a FHZ and I can not for the life of me use it for 5A and definitly not to practice it. I would say not get a FHZ just because it is so unstable. Also I can use a yoyo, hehe. Just my opinion since I have tried to use it for 5A and it just doesn’t work very well.

A protostar or a northstar would be perfect. That is what I started out with for 5A and it works very well and they can take a good beating. A very cost effective yoyo for 5A too since any yoyo you use for 5A will allways get beat up.

Thanks guys. I do have a protostar but am planning to get a psg gem series when I get my counterweight set. Is the Duncan counterweight set good?

I like my counterweights lighter but for the general weight prefrence they are perfect.

I can’t say anything bad about it. Only one I really like is the bouncy ball though. I have nothing against the dice, I just prefer a softer CW. But, having the two dice also lets you do dual-dice CW play if you’re into that.

I kinda like the Takeshi dice.

However, to start out, anything works good. The Duncan set is a better starter value.