5a decisions...

so, i left my metal drifter at my grandmas when i went, and i left the counterweight at my house. i just found my counterweight today, and wanted to try some more 5a. but all that was there at my house was my grind machine, protostar, and my dv888. knowing i would drop the yoyo alot, i didnt choose the dv888, and my grind machine… is retired; long story short. so i used my protostar, and i think it was a good choice. so is a protostar good for 5a based on yalls opinion?

The protostar has a nice weight for 5a. I liked using mine for 5a when I had it.

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what is you guys’ favorite 5a throw? and would a hubstacked yoyo work good for 5a?

Let’s see, 5A = Freehand, thus maybe the Duncan FH series, FH FH2, FHZ???

And to add to that, is very comfortable and natural to hold when thrown 5A.

Yyf severe is what I use and c3 dark sonic is my must have 5a yoyo

Also hubstacks + 5a = so much fun

Yyj classic is great… Specially if you are learning and then just add a regular C bearing and You are set 4 life.

I even use it for 4a lol

I use. A stackless GM because its practically indestructible when I use it.

PGM w/ a dice. Perfect Wieght and shape for 5a.

YYJ lyn fury or speed maker

PGM all the way, you might crack your Protostar.

I have used my PGM to learn all the 5a I know.

The PGM is more durable.

Or buy a onestar since it has the same shape as the protostar but made of celclon(inject mold delrin) and only 14$ if you want to order

But a protostar is good for 5a since it more natrual to hold and low walled

Hes not buying just asking if everyone here thinks the Protostar is a good 5a since he only has that and the PGM he can do 5a with.

I think you should use the PGM cause you might crack your Protostar.

Not really, the Speed Maker is a 1a throw designed to be fast enough for “Micky” to use.

If you want to know a few of the best 5a?

Any Free hand yoyo.
The YYJ Atmosphere
The YYJ Vigilante
The YYJ kick side
Just about any Bi Metal YYJ

C3 Alpha Crash

I personally prefer the protostar over the pgm, but could just be me.

I know everyone likes a protostar better, but the PGM is more durable. I have seen Cracked Protostars with CW’s attached.

Why are there two topics by the same person basically on the same thing?

Well they merged them I’m assuming. I do want to get into 5A just need to get CW’s and too lazy to make a wasp nest because I use my string for a string ball