Counterweight [5a]

What is a good counterwight yo yo to buy? I do not like the flying squirrel . ahah xD
Also, one that is not uber expensive. my price range is 20-40 bucks

I would say a good yoyo for 5a is the die-nasy or the starlite

Here’s the things to look for in a 5A yoyo.

  1. Bearing

  2. Can take silicone

  3. Something you won’t mind dropping it. (It’s going to happen keep that in mind.)

If you like it as a 1a yoyo, you’re probably gonna like it as a 5a yoyo.

Any 1a yoyo can work as a 5a yoyo.
Some really good 5a yoyos I can think of off hand would be a starlite, genesis, die-nasty, FHZ, destiny, and a lot of others.

I love the protostar for 5a… It’s actually one of the best yoyos I have IMO it competes with if not surpases the supernova and 888… Only thing going against it is it dosnt grind… But for 5a it’s perfect, it’s light and floaty, high performing and plastic, and if you prefer a little heavier, the north star is almost identical…

or if you like a little lighter, the starlite is that same awesome shape.
but yeah, protostars are great. one of my favourites for 5a.

I like to do a few of the basic Counter-weight Tricks, though i am not very good.

I have 3 that are set up for it.
Starlite, Protostar, Flying Panda.

Normally I use the Protostar, it is a great performer.
I like to do Blacklight and Glow-In-The-Dark stuff with the Starlite.
The Flying panda i use when surrounded by hard surfaces, it has the bouncy ball CW.

Good luck, and let us know what you choose.