Can somebody please help me with a 5a throw

Hi i was wondering is the protostar good for 5a if not then leave your coments or suggestions below please :).

Yea man. If a yoyo is good for 1A, it’s most likely good for 5A.

protostar is an awesome yoyo for 1a and any 1a yoyo works for 5a. nothing really makes a yoyo any better for 5a than for 1a. what ever you have now will work, all you need is the counter weight.

The protostar is plastic, which is good since I know that a lot of folks have trouble using all metal yoyos for 5a, but I agree with the others, any yoyo good for 1a is probably good for 5a. go for it!

If your just starting I reccomend the Die-Nasty, Pocket Change, Velocity, or one of the YYJ plastic… Drops WILL happen… Especialy if your like me and try to take after Augie Fash’s style of 5A. Im never satisfied with my arials… I always want to go higher…

I reccomend these cheaper yoyos because their easier to replace and you wont be so attached to them if you ding them up…

If you dont have counter weights already the FreeHandZero is a good choice as well