New Yoyo Question

Hey everyone,
I am looking into getting into 5A play. I am currently trying to decide between 3 different options;

  1. 4 Pro Zs + A pack of counterweights- I could use two of them for looping if I want to get into 2A and I could use the others for counterweight play, however, I don’t know how good they would be for that, but this option does offer a lot of customization.
  2. 2 Pro Zs + 1 Duncan Freehand Zero- The Pro Zs offer good customization while the Freehand Zero seems to be a solid counterweight player.
  3. 1 Adegle PSG + 1 Adegle Asteroid + Counterweights- Both of these seem to be great 1a throws and I feel they would work well with counterweight play but I have never owned them so I am unsure as to how they play.
    Thanks in advance!

I say the 3rd one

Thanks, I think I like that option the best to, I have been waiting to get an Adegle.

PSG is my favorite out of the 2 though
It’s more solid and I love solid plastics!

PSG’s are some of the best yoyos for 5A. I started using them for 5A when they came out and instantly fell in love with their 5A capability.
From simple practice to serious competition (I have used them in 2 contest so far, amazing reliability), they are simply amazing.

And as per advertised, they are incredibly durable.

I have not tried the asteroid for 5A yet, but if its anything like the PSG, I would imagine that it would work just as well.

Good on ya for giving 5A a try!


Thanks a lot! I am going to go with the psg.

Option 3.

Option 1: The ProZ tends to be too light and will need spacer replacements and/or a bearing cleaning and/or change(centertrak works for me) to be unresponsive. Silicone stickers help as well. You’ll need to get a counterweight. They aren’t bad loopers either. They aren’t great, but they aren’t bad either. If you’re not sure about 2A play in general, they are pretty good.

Option 2: The FHZ, while great, needs a bit of help to be unresponsive. For some, cleaning a bearing and removing a sticker is all that is needed. I did that, it didn’t work out so well for me. Having them modified isn’t expensive and there are plenty of great FHZ modders. Another option is the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ, which works really good, and even better if the FHZ is modded with silicone recess and schmoove rings. The weight of the FHZ is pretty good though. The FHZ comes with 3 counterweights.

Option 3: I’ve seen Jayyo use the PSG for competition for 5A twice. The PSG and Asteriod are great throws and I do think the PSG makes a better 5A throw due it’s shape, while the Asteroid seems a bit more 1A oriented. You will need to acquire a counterweight.

Option 4: A Metal Drifter with a cleaned bearing went dead unresponsive on me. Plus, it has a counterweight in the package. A cheaper but equally fun option is the Freakhand or FH2, which also include a counterweight. These tend to stay semi-responsive even after a bearing cleaning but I haven’t tried mine with a Centertrak yet or an A+Beefcake kit or removing a sticker. You can get the Metal Drifter for just under $20 or the Freakhands on sale for $10 at Toys R Us. I know YYE carries both.

Option 5: The YYJ Pinnacle, after the bearing is cleaned, is an amazing “out of the box 5A starter set-up”, and at under $20, it’s super affordable too.

Thanks, I was actually looking into the pinnacle as well. Which do you prefer for 5A?

I like using my Die-Nasty for 5A. The Pinnacle is pretty good though. I haven’t set up my PSG for it yet. My modified FHZ is sweet for 5A. My Freakhand is OK. I haven’t set up my older Metal Drifter for 5A. That one uses spacers.

Okay, thanks. I think I am going to get the psg. Thanks a lot everyone!

i just want to add that responsive 5a with a freehand zero is really fun.