Good 5a yoyos?

What are some good 5a yoyos that you like? (dont say it is preference) 8) 8)

Preference. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is the correct answer…but I’ll have to follow your rules… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in love with the FH2, FH0, PGM, Peak

All great yoyos.

Anything nice and heavy works for me. I prefer larger yo-yos for it as well. Currently I use my Legacy!

Oh, and uh, it’s preference. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Trainwreck is amazing! But I don’t have one. I use my M1 and Nimbus.

PGM, M1, 5Star, Die Nasty.

preference is totally correct

but the Yomega Hot shot is amazing and the Bully is also real good


If only it was small bearing :-[

I use…
888, Bape, FHZ, Project, Hyper Freehand, PGM, M1, Trainwreck, whatever

train wreck (played it but dont own one), fh0 (i recessed mine and now its a champ), wedgie, m1, nimbus (played mongorillers), bully, gm2, g5, any of the g5 esqe yyf yoyos (the h shape seems to be great for 5a)

right now its my hot shot but probably in 2 days i will be getting my die nasty

small bearing frantic