5a throw for a beginner

Hey guys. I’m looking for a 5a throw to get into the style. This throw doesn’t have a budget but it has to be durable and can keep me going easily to advanced combos. I don’t play very fast so I want something smooth flowing and doesn’t rush me to go faster or to slow down to a snail’s pace. I have a Yoyofficer Hatchet but I’m using that exclusively for 1a until I get better at 5a. Also, is a V or H shape better for 5a?

Could just get a yoyojam surge

Sounds like it’d fit you pretty well

I would personally suggest a counter attack. Very stable and nice shape. Plus it’s a good looking yoyo.

The counter attack looks great but with those weight rings, I’m afraid of whether it will crack.
The surge seems a little big and the looks are kinda… Still, I’m not going for looks, just function and the surge is quite cheap compared to the counter attack.
Both seem great, will have to check out reviews on them, still undecided but thanks for your input.

What about a Genesis? Miggy does wonders with that thing

I’m afraid that I might ding it. My DV888 has way too many dings from 1a because I’m such a klutz so I hope to get a cheap plastic that I can replace if it breaks.

Well then check out any of the Duncan FH stuff. That’s your best bet if you want cheap 5a throws.
Plus most of them come with counter weights

YYJ Classic with upgraded bearing and response?

The duncan fh series seemed to be well received but they use A size bearings which I’m not a fan of. Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe A sized bearings are great for 5a.
The classic is also well received and it’s price is really good.

just get something stable, why not a metal? get a cheap magicyoyo or something