I already know i have another topic but i’d like to know about 5A. Not exactly what 5A is, but like which throw would be best for 5A. I don’t want to ding up any of my CLYW’s so which throw would you recommend for 5A? Even if its a CLYW, i’ll go buy a dinged up one from the forum. Also which 5A Dice would be best?

YYF One + YYF Spintop button.

Yyf supernova, genesis, severe(09-2012), yyj dm, ect
W/ Duncan dice or ball

But what I use is a yyf severe(2012) w/ toxic strings,twisted trifecta,rtv silicone and Duncan die

the dice, but other prefer the rubber ball

There’s really no best. I do prefer at this point to buy a yoyo that was designed with 5A in mind. The Pinnacle just wasn’t cutting it for me, so I went and got a YYJ Destiny and now I’m quite happy.

Hmmm, CLYW? I’d say an Avalanche. You can get an FG you can beat up.

If you’re not into spending big, I’d say a PSG or Stackless Grind Machine can do the job quite well. I feel the ONE, WHIP, and ONEStar are too light.

I would suggest starting with a plastic until you improve, then go with whatever you really want to use.

For starting, classic with upgrades or a PGM.

A Duncan Freehand is great for learning 5A, and it is cheap.

I’ve been thinking about a good beginner 5a setup to recommend to 5a newbies for some time.

So far, the best cheap plastic yoyo I’ve found for 5a is the classic. Really, this $10 yoyo rocks 5a. It can handle all of my most intense 5a combos.

I’ve been throwing 5a for five years now and I don’t think I’ve ever played with a better plastic 5a yoyo.

Also, along with the classic, you’ll also want a large bearing, some pads, and a Duncan counterweight set.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend a spin top button. A counterweight is much better.

The PGM is my favourite 5a.

Or maybe a freehand zero with offstring mod space(for a bigger gap), classic with better bearing or a delrin severe
Also don’t forget counter weight but since your starting use the ball first then try the dice I think the red and yellow dice weight differently.

All duncan dice weigh the same.

The balls, however, go in order from lightest and softest to heaviest and hardest as Blue > Red > Green > Yellow

As for spin top buttons, they’re not available anymore, and they would get crazy chewed up… I’d say stay away from them. But hey, some people really loved them.

I like duncan dice, the yellow ones to be exact. The yellow part is more about filming though.
My favorite yoyo to use for 5A is a mg, but the best performing 5A yoyo I have is the YYF severe. It fits my preferances very well. Although you may hate it.
If you like it for 1A there is a good chance you will like it for 5A. However thats not always true because you need a good feeling balance between your counterweight and yoyo.
Also duncan’s dice can very in weight by a bit. I had one crack open once and it had a bubble in it or something. made me think so I weighted my other ones. turns out I had counterweights in three differnt weights. So I just kept the ones that fell into the middle weight and gave the others away.