5A yoyo Thread

Hey guys, this is where we talk about 5a!

I’ll start, what is your preffered yoyo for 5a?

Mine would be the supernova

I am new to 5A, so I use a Duncan Freakhand. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I still haven’t learned to control the counterweight. So it is flying around really fast, and I mess up my trick.

Square wheels Rex



Difeyo Tank waith one set of eight rings


Spyy Pro

Duncan Echo

09’ YYF severe, bio malleus, Duncan mg proto.

Duncan Freehand 2




and obviously, anything Diamont Noir

CODE2: Nautilus! Perfect with spikes!

Lets all make videos!

I’ve been practicing a little bit. I’m using my Code 2.

I’m not good at all though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not very good at 5a, but I’ve been working on it pretty hard lately. I’m trying to work up enough material to do some kind of progress video, no matter how good I am.

My current setup is Catalyst with Duncan die (color doesnt matter and neither does string).

My set ups:
PSG with bouncy ball(gone for now)
Northstar with Spin Top Button(gone for now)
Echo with bouncy ball or dice
Modded FHZ with Takeshi dice
Trigger with dice(any)

Hey what do you guys think of the Takeshi Dice? I was thinking about getting one…

very fast and light!

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How light? Lighter than Duncan Dice? I assumed it’d be heavy…

My setup:
Square Wheels Royale with a Duncan clear dice.
I’m not very good. But I’m getting better.