5a discussion

We needed one.

What are your setups?

What have you been practicing?



5A is best A

Been rocking a red deitz and a white delrin bearingized counterweight.

Been working on a lot of flashy stuff, as well as lots of circular motion tricks.

Also, do any of the freakhands come with clear dice? I really want to bearingize one.

Not as of right now. Clears have been delayed. Maybe sometime in 2012 we will have the full 7 pack, including clear. None of the Freakhands of freehands will come with a clear dice, just translucent. The only way to get a clear is through the 7 pack.

Set-ups right now are siliconed freehand zeros, standard length string, dice.
The big hype these days are large bearing metals with shortened strings. But I like going old school flavor.

I started doing 5A a bit in 04 but never really got into it. In 2006, I went on a little quest to try to perfect all styled of play, so I started getting more into 5A, and first competed in 5A at US nationals 2006.

Since then, 5A has become one of my main styles and starting in 2009 was when I started doing 5A almost exclusively.

Yoyo of choice has varied over the years. I used to throw only Spinfaktor HG’s for quite a long time. And then used bolts for a while after that. The 401k was a throw I also used quite a bit, and then the SPYY mk3 as well. Started using zeros this past year, and been sticking to them ever since.

I love 5A, and my goal right now, is to be top 3 in the US, which aint gonna be easy. I did place 5th place this years US nationals, which is a great climb from the previous year. We will see how it goes.


Ive only been doing 5a for a few days. I learned double or nothing release, twirl, and a few others. I’m currently using my Protostar with Duncan die. I like more organic shapes for 1a and I feel like I would have a more consistent throw(5a) with a butterfly shaped yoyo but I’m using the Proto because I’m not gonna get mad if I drop it on concrete and it goes rolling into the street(it did :slight_smile: I used to not like 5a but now I’m starting to love it!

Dang… things have changed! I remember right before I left, 5A was all about small bearing (metals?) due to the better regens?

Mine is currently either a 07 888 with a glow in the dark dice, or Tank, weight rings off, bouncy ball. I just recently traded away my silicone’d FHZ as I thought I was finished with yoyoing. Turns out I’m not and I miss it dearly… which is why I’m buying one of jefferypang’s modded FHZ’s!

I’m getting started. I bought a Duncan Counterweight pack, and plan on doing 5a with a powdercoated Trainwreck yoyo.

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My main setups are:

For at home, I usually use my genesis with a red bouncy. For school, I probably would be using my protostar or counter attack with a Duncan bearingized die. If I’m learning a new trick or doing something ridiculously dangerous, I’ll use my dm2 with a blue bouncy. I’m also still trying to figure out what counter weight would go well with my counter attack. I’m thinking dice is the best thing to use for it.

I love doing 5A on the FH2010, loving the Freakhand!
If you’re wondering what my yoyo is sitting on, it’s sitting on a roller coaster wheel as I’m also a roller coaster fanatic!

Current set-up:

Gold Werrd Irony GBA with Slim Kitty String and Translucent Red Duncan Dice
Silver Werrd Irony GBA with Normal Kitty String and Translucent Black Dice
Blue with Silver Splash Werrd Irony GBA with Fat Kitty String and Translucent Blue Dice
Red with Yellow Splash Werrd Mystery Meat with Hightlights and Translucent Red Dice (Mostly for new tech tricks)

Oh, and a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1PRv7n5vDM Language Warning

I gotta agree… The Freakhand is great for 5a…I’m using a pirate.

Typically I’ve been using my SB Milk 2%, standard string length, Yellow bouncy ball.

Or a DMII same stuff.

I don’t know what I like better. I’m still learning though.

Been messing around with 5A.

I’ve never looked at more then four 5A tutorial and I’ve been just kind of winging it and having fun with it.

I’ve so far used and like…

ProtoStar and Duncan Die

BOSS with Duncan Die

54 (Aluminum Spikes.) with Duncan Ball

So my sili recessed fhz + astrojax as a cw…

I think the astrojax is a bit heavy, as it pulls the string alot and makes those throwing cw hard… But its all I got.

I use a Hyper FHZ with a YYF spintop button.
I also use a Genesis with either a duncan dice, or button.

YYE yellow string.

Lately I have been working on mostly tech. But i feel a change going towards e-fans and sawchucks… that is once I can do sawchucks.

Supernova or protostar for me… I use a bouncy ball and I like plenty of room on the string…

I don’t understand how all of you use bouncy balls. I actually like the counterweight to weigh less than the yoyo… lol

yellow bouncy balls are supposedly super heavy, but i never tried one. lighter cps for lighter yo-yos, but heavy ones for heavy ones.

My bouncy ball is roughly the weight and feel of a marshmallow… It’s perfect for 5a

I have also been loving the fhz.Right now ,i’m at four fhz ,but i’m planning to get more ,including the light up ones.

My brother has a light-up FHZ and in the dark with the light-up counterweight it’s awesome! I use an oarange Raptor with green polyester string and a bronze skull counterweight that came with one of my metal drifters.