What are you throwing 5a with?

I am new to 5a so I started with my PGM :).

3YO3 Capella love it suck at 5a tho

Supernova! My favorite 5a throw!

Since I’m not good at 5a at all, I use my PSG to avoid damaging the my other yoyos. It is said to be indestructible after all.

Who does 5A?

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Severe 2010

my trigger and clasic with skull cw from metal drifter

Lyn Fury with a Flying Squirrel CW. I’m a 5A hopeless.

Me to, My PGM was my first so it is DINGED like crazy!

Quest with pink Takeshi dice

5A Sunday with the Remnant 2! My go-to 5A throw.

N9 Floating

YYF Yuuksta

Cascade with bearingized counterweight.

09’ Severe, duncan MG, Tom kuhn 3 in 1 nojive, and today I am using a viper flux.
also use bio malleus, One drop code 2, and a modded hit man with an avenger hub.

7075 B grade Supernova

Protostar with a '50s craps die. Razor edged. Ow, thing’s sharp, man.


I am now using my Atmosphere and PGM.

The rare occasion I try to throw some awful 5A, it’s with a Lyn Fury and a CW from a Flying Squirrel.

[edit: wait, I must’ve said this already somewhere in this thread. facepalm]

Tyler Severance does 5A, and he is my freaking hero.