5A yo

Fav. Yoyo for 5a? Also good recommendations for 5a yoyos anybody?

get a counterweight and slap it on your yoyo. BOOM! instant 5A yoyo.

Avant Garde Kills it for 5a. Will always be my go to 5a throw. The YEAH3 isn’t bad either.

Just grab a FHZ. It was designed for 5A play. Definitely one of my favorites. Love the Roll Model as well. And I’m sure, since it’s Steve’s sig, that it too was designed for 5A play.

2010 Severe. Such a nice throw.

On a side note, I regret trading my 09 Severe.

I hate the 2010 Severe for 5A, but I do like it ok for 1A.

09 SEVERE or Avalanche for me, I prefer ball counterweights or spin-top buttons, they hurt less on body hits and accidental whacks to the face.

Probably gonna pick up a delrin SEVERE soon, I look forward to that.

Same. The 09 Severe was way better for 5a. I use a Duncan rubber ball. I removed the plastic parts to it to prevent damage to the yo-yo.

I love the 09 Severe too. I’m so happy they brought it back, even if its a delrin. I’m hoping it plays the same.