Counterweight yoyo

Whats a good yoyo for counterweight? (and I don’t have any preferences for this style)

As said in many topics before, any yoyo you have for 1a will work just fine for 5a.

If your just starting I reccomend a Duncan Freehand Zero… Its cheap, plastic, and comes with a couple of counterweights…

If not the Die-Nasty is pretty sweet… Cheap, plastic, and plays amazingly…

Yup, any yo-yo that you like for 1a should be fine for 5a. But if you really want a new throw I’d strongly recommend a Lyn Fury. It starts out responsive so you don’t have to bind 5a right away, but you can make it unresponsive once you need want it to be. I use it alongside my Severe as my main 5a throws. (Well I only really do 5a)

Another good choice if you’re OK with binding right away would be a Die-Nasty. It’s a good weight and you can do pretty much anything 5a on it. It’s a GREAT throw, I use it a lot as well.

I thought the Velocity is good. only because of the adjust-o-matic nd beginners tight gap, and if u want unresponsive widen the gap! its pretty kool if u ask me :wink:

I highly recommend the Genesis. Nice yoyo for 1A, 3A, and 5A. The Die-Nasty is also very good.