best beginner counterwieght yoyo


hi my brother wants to start on counterweight play what would be a good yo yo for him to start with?


Almost any yoyo used for 1A is a great choice for 5A.

However, if you need counterweights, the FHZ is for you…


If he can bind then PGM is great choice for 5a. If he can’t then he can use lyn fury + thick lube, FHZ or any 1a yoyo will be good.

(Ryan) #4

almost anything would do but for starters i say using plastics first so i recommened the FHZ or not Lyn fury or not PGM if you can bind…


ok thnks he wants to get a flying squirrel but i dont think that is a very good yoyo

(JonasK) #6

He can bind right? The Lyn Fury is always a good choice. It has enough weight and a siliconable dual o-ring response. The Kickside is also known to deliver failry good 5a play. Some people prefer double silicone so they buy two of them and have a lefover dual starburst Kickside. And the FH0 is also a good choice. Some dif-pads or a silicone recess will make a good FH0. The Takeshi modded ones are a possibility as well.

Another possibility that hasn’t been named yet is the Phantom by Shinwoo. It is economic and plays fairly good. I happen to know a certain someone who’s really into Shinwoo yoyos. If you want any info, it is better to contact him than me.

Addment: Most plastics with a litlle weight to them will work for 5a, you don’t need a “special” 5a yoyo.


I would reccomend the Flying Squirrel!
I love mine, especcially for the price.


Fixed. :wink:



(Jamesofyoyo) #10

the duncan mg… just kidding.

the flying squirrel is great for counter weight and beginer 1a tricks.