Starting 5A. Whats a good Yoyo to start with?

Im going to get into 5A soon and i was wondering: Whats a good yoyo to start with? What make the best counter-weights? Just all the Basic info to start 5A.


Practically any butterfly yo-yo will work, so all you need is a counterweight!

These are the best though, :wink:

I personally use a Duncan Freehand Zero for all my freehand yo-yoing. The FHZ comes with three counterweights which are perfect.

~yo! shi!

well your Darkmagic would be a great yo-yo for counter wight play. And counter wights, well any thing with a hole drilled though it. iv found that you can take any normal dice works great. also you can buy them off the net. heres a site.

they have them on to but the site is down right now.
hope this helps and remember keep it spinning.

Great! thanks guys. I was already planning to buy a FHZ anyway. Cant wait to start 5A! Thanks again. Any other info is great too, so feel free to keep posting.

Yes - as was mentioned Freehand Zero is good.
I personally love the KickSide for 5A.
World Champion Takeshi Matsuura actually uses the Lyn Fury for all of his 5A:

wow, you wouldn’t expect that to be a lyn, I would of thought that would be a axiom or a X-Convict

He’s so cute! That was so much more amazing in real life.

did you go?

Fo SHO (for sure) It was an amazing experience, totally worth every penny i spent to get there.

i prefer not to use metals but i am horrible so that explains it

Dude this thread is well over a year old… almost two. I’m sure he has his problem solved by now. No need to bring up old posts like this.