Free hand yoyo!

Hi all! i know your all gunna wannachoke me when i ask this but…What yoyo should i get :-\ haha

I’ve tried a little bit of counter weight yoyoing before but I’ve never given it a good attempt because Im scared of dinging my yoyos lol! I have trouble keeping them ding free at best of times.
so i was thinking maybe the FHZ or throw monkey, because they are pretty cheep and durable lol!
like a say I’ve never tried either of theses or had a proper go at counter weight yoyoing before!

I aint gunna ask which is best, just your opinions on them!

cheers oli

Do you have any plastics?

nope! thats why Im look at these ones.

Try a Kickside, Lyn Fury, Legacy, or PGM

KickSide is amazing, along with the Lyn Fury, and they don’t really need maitenance at all!

Legacy is very good as well, but may be a bit heavy. Try it though, it works well!

PGM is what I reccomend, hubstacks are a great addition also, and they’re built for 5A…sort of. If you can, go for it!

In my opinion, the FHZ is the best beginner 5A yo-yo. Why?

  1. It comes with three different types of counterweights, so you can find out what you like best.

  2. FHZ’s are some of the most versatile yo-yo’s when it comes to modding, and some of the mods are pretty easy. You can put weight rings in it, satin it, hubstack it, recess/schmoove it (Not recommended to someone with little modding experience).

  3. There are so many response options. There’s the stock friction stickers if you want responsive play. Want unresponsive? No problem! You can put a single Dif pad, Kentaro pad, Chaz pad, Dual Chu-Pad, etc. Or, you can send it to a modder to get recessed.

  4. It has a small bearing, which provides easier control when learning tricks.

  5. It’s Durable, so it can be banged around.

  6. Weight is key when it comes to 5A. Some people like light 5A yo-yo’s, others like heavier ones. It’s 64 grams stock. If this weight is too light for you, you can pick up some FHZ weight rings from an online store, or possibly, o-rings from a hardware store.

My recommendation to you, is an FHZ (Obviously). If it’s really not your thing, or would like something else, the Throw Monkey, FH2, and Kickside are also good choices. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You can just use a regular 1a yoyo you have lying around. You need a little bit of weight though. I have tried 5a with a light yoyo, and the yoyo will get pushed around by the counterweight. But any 1a yoyo will work, it’s just that some will work better than others. And as iRon said, the FHZ is great for 5a, you get everything you need to start.

Agreed. I just use a Spinfaktor HG and it works pretty well.

cheers guys!

i think im gunna go for the FHZ just because its cheep and durable lol, i only have metals so i dont wanna ding them lol!