Beginner 5a yoyo

So what do you think? What’s the best beginner 5a yoyo? Pinnacle? FHZ?

I would say that it depends on what level you are for 1A. If you are into advanced, unresponsive play, I would indeed get the Pinnacle. If you’re into responsive play, then get the FHZ or anything similar. Also, there is no " best" yo-yo, only one that suits your style.

What is with all the polls these past few weeks?

Anyway I have always though that the yoyo that you used to learn with (with me the Kickside or Atmosphere) since you know the weight, shape, etc…

But out of those choices I have always heard good things about the FHZ.

Hey, at least he didn’t put 2 options both under “Yoyo”

If you never try 5A, I would suggest the FHZ, its wide enough and came with a set of counter weight.

Me no likey the FHZ that much. I was looking into getting a pinacle, heard good stuff about it. For me though, the DM2 works just fine.

I got my wife a Freakhand. It works great for 5a. I personally like the light up FHZ, it just has swag.

I know. There’s more poles here than at Festivus!

He should get a Pinnacle unless he can get a FHZ, Freakhand, FH2 or a CW to use with an existing preferred PLASTIC 1A throw. Cheap, plastic, won’t break your heart or your bank account if it gets dinged, scratched or broken(you’ll drop it a lot).

Me personally, I ain’t gonna spend money on the Destiny YET. Too much money to risk busting up for my low skill level at 5A. I have a FHZ, Freakhand and a Dienasty set up for 5A. Maybe something else. I forget… FHZ Pulse, Dienasty, Freakhand… yeah, I think that’s it. I’d have to check my case for something more absolute.