YYJ Pinnacle vs. Duncan FHZ

which one is better?

No yoyo is better than another but if I had to choose I would choose the Pinnacle beacase it would be unresponsive right out if the box with no mods required.

Since the Pinnacle is packaged for 5A, as is the FHZ, here’s my thoughts:

I feel the Pinnacle,at least for me, is the better yoyo. I started doing 5A with my modified and completely unresponsive FHZ and I just can’t get the spin times I need yet and I am doing sloppy binds with lots of knots. I know I need more practice though, but even so… Doing 5A with a semi-responsive stock FHZ and a FH2, I seem to prefer the semi-responsiveness of the yoyo, but am not liking the small bearing. Note all 3 are using A-sized bearings. In my FHZ Pulse, it’s not as bad using the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit.

While I don’t have the Pinnacle, I threw a CW on my glow DieNasty and have been having much better results all around in 5A. I seem to have a preference for C-sized bearings. For that, I’d say for me the Pinnacle would be the better of the two.

The main advantage of the FHZ is that you may be able to pick one up at a local store, where-as for the most part, YYJ is going to be a mail order item.