5A help

I know that i have made a 2A and 4A help threads, and don’t think I am giving up on 4A, I still love it, i was just wondering what a good 5A yoyo is. I don’t really care about what company, the price has to be reasonable, and i don’t care about the material or responsive or unresponsive. I have a FHZ and don not really like it that much.

The YYJ Pinnacle kicks serious butt for only $18. The Adegle Asteroid does too. If you go a little higher the YYF Starbrite($25 roughly), Protostar($35) and Northstar($35 but $20 at some other store. PM me for details) are all great stable yoyos. A modded FHZ is also in that realm of awesomeness. Up another step and your at metals. Is there a max budget you have?

Not sure about the budget but I would say $50 and under. What mods could i do for the FHZ? Are they difficult, what do you need.

I looked at the pinacle and was wondering if it was unresponsive.

What other yyj 5A yoyos are good?

How is the die nasty? it sounded all right. I haven’t seen it in action yet and am gonna go look up a video right now. What do yall think about the throw.

I have the following set up for 5A right now:

xminusmikex FHZ
Glowing DieNasty
FHZ Pulse with Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ

I also have a stock FHZ but I want to keep that stock

I also have a FH2 I am debating setting for 5A, as well as a Metal Drifter.

What I like about the Freakhand/FH2 and even Metal Drifter is the semi-responsiveness, as they can come back with a tug but you can bind them. The Lyn Fury is like that and I have a used one coming that I will set up for 5A, but I’ll still get another Lyn Fury for the purpose of siliconing and shimming.

I like my Dienasty better than my FHZ Pulse because mainly the string I’m using on the FHZ Pulse. The YYE 100% poly white is kinda, well not that wonderful, where as the neon green 100% poly on the DieNasty is boss! The xminusmikex has silicone recess and schmoove rings, but with the A-bearing, it’s a bit harder for me, where as I seem to do better with C-bearings.

I plan to get a Pinnacle soon. I also may get a ONE to set up for 5A.

So are the pinnacle and die nasty responsive or unresponsive. And where can I buy a counter weight. And one more question, what is this beefcake thing I keep hearing about. Is it a mod? Of so where can I buy it.

The Dienasty is unresponsive, and I would assume the Pinnacle is too but until I have one, I can’t say for sure if it’s dead unresponsive or semi-responsive. I’m saving money to buy a bunch of yoyos at BAC, the Pinnacle being on my list of yoyos to buy. The Pinnacle comes with a counterweight. You can also buy counterweights on YYE for example, such as the Tekeshi counterweight, or make your own by drilling a dice, or using one of the CW’s that came with your FHZ(it comes with 3), or using something else to your liking, like a drilled bouncy ball, spin top ball(YYF carries these, check it out in the YYF area of the YYE store).

Beefcake iis using two bearings. In the case of the FHZ, Terrapin X makes the A+ beefcake kit. Combined with the smaller brass spacers, these narrower than regular A-sized bearings combined give you a larger gap and make the yoyo very very VERY unresponsive. They are sold in pairs and are ground to be wing-cut when installed properly(dots in). It’s very effective. My Werrd TFL Delorean uses 2 full-sized C bearings for it’s beefcake.

Technically speaking, beefcaking is a mod, but it’s a mod that doesn’t require any permanent changes. Don’t like it? Remove them and put it all back the way it was before.

So I have decided on the pinacle and the die nasty. Which do you think I should get first. And about that dif pad thing, wich one should i get to replace my duncan friction stickers on my FHZ?

Get the Pinnacle. Lower cost to buy-in. DieNasty requires the purchase of a CW unless you have some.

Regarding what to get to replace your friction stickers? What’s gong on? Did they wear out? Duncan Silicone stickers and just one at a time. You’re over-complicating the whole FHZ sticker thing.

I can’t find the duncan silicon stickers. And I thought they wouldn’t fit the FHZ without doing something to it. And I thought the dif pads where cheaper. As for the Pinacle, what other yyj are good for 5A? I was looking at the descriptions for some and i couldn’t fine one that mentioned it being a 5A yoyo.

Duncan friction AND silicone stickers:


But, in the meantime, you are NOT taking any advise to deal with things for your FHZ that don’t cost anything. If it’s still responsive, it’s probably either the bearing, response stickers or both. Deal with those issues first. Clean the bearing, that’s always good advice. After that, see how it plays. Did you get the aluminum spacers? Pop in the bigger spacers, see if that helps. No? Now it’s time to examine the response stickers. They pretty much dead? Remove one and see what happens.

I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I don’t see you trying anything any is suggesting and are looking for solutions before you try what’s already available to you. In my brief time throwing, I’ve amassed a collection of yoyos, parts and materials to help me deal with a wide range of options to try. I can’t do everything, but I at least am already armed to head in the right direction.

Back to other yoyos:
The Pinnacle is being marketed as being for 5A, but lots of other yoyos work great for 5A depending on your needs and preferences. Didn’t someone win Worlds with a Lyn Fury set up for 5A?

Part of the issue has to do with patent of the 5A style of play. It doesn’t prevent anyone from using any yoyo or any thing for a counterweight, but it does limit companies in certain regions from selling things like 5A packages and things like counterweights without paying licensing fees.

I find the DM2 works good for 5A, as does the Speeder 2, but I don’t want beat them up. The YYF Protostar, Northstar and Starbright also work well for 5A in my opinion. I see Steve Brown using a DieNasty constantly in his videos for 5A, so I gotta assume that would be a killer 5A yoyo.

The YYJ Dynasty is another marketed as a 5A yoyo and includes a Tekeshi dice bearingized CW

Duncan is marketing their Freehand2, Freakhand, Metal Drifter and Metal Zero and FHZ as 5A-compatible yoyos. I think the Throw Monkey, and Flying Squirrel are also being marketed as 5A yoyos as well.

So about cleaning the bearing do you HAVE to remove the shields tho clean it. If so, how do you do that. And the duncan silicon stickers, what size do i need to fit my FHZ. and can i buy them in a smaller pack, cause i only have $8.

I can’t find the yyj dynasty, unless you meant the destiny.

will lighter fluid work OK with cleaning the bearing? Cause that is all i’ve got.

Yes, I meant the Destiny. Too many to keep track of. Forgive me, I’ve been on the phone with a client all day who can’t figure out why we can’t install his T1 and get it working when we don’t have the DSU/CSU at his premises. He failed to buy one and he can’t figure out why I didn’t sell him one, especially since he only contacted me at 3AM this morning to help him install the circuit. Hey, his money. I’ve already offered to sell him many DSU’s but he isn’t interested in those. And in so being, my billable time keeps increasing!

Yes, you need to remove the shields. The bad stuff has to go SOMEWHERE, right? Although I hear about this zero residue electrical contact cleaner having amazing results. Still, I’d want to de-shield.

De-shileding requires the use of a pin or needled to get the clips out.


Then use mineral spirits or lighter fluid to clean your bearing. Make sure you do this:

Regarding the stickers:
You want the 12mm OD stickers. But do you really? I mean, have you removed a sticker yet?

$5 for an 8 sticker pack, silicone or friction. Ask YYE to put it in an envelope and mail it First Class, it will save money.

So i cleaned my bearing and it is still pretty responsive. Not super crazy responsive, but still responsive enough. I don’t exactly know what you mean by scrape the friction sticker or whatever. I removed one of the stickers and it is still pretty responsive. And I forgot what size silicon stickers to get ;D

Just het a pinnacle and get a large speed bearing with it for later

I thought the pinacle was unresponsive though.