LF: CW's, and good 5a yoyos

okay so i recently got back into 5a i used to love it and then stopped but now im back and need some good yoyos for 5a. i have been using my protostar and pgm for 5a but i need some more.okay i will have my wants and next to them what i want with it or how i want it ex: die cw and mint
here it is

throw monkey-ball cw
dyenasty-the ball or duncan die
fhz- i want the duncan die
dunac metal zero-the monkey
any yoyo you think is good for 5a offer up but the yoyo must come with a cw


*This is actually your post, you have a FHZ listed… just don’t trade it.

I would post my thread up here, but you already told me you don’t want the colors I have.  So that would be completely pointless.  But hope these others might help you.  Plenty of 5A Yo-Yos there.  Think John Higby has some up for auction on eBay too.  Just search for John Higby.