fav under $25 plastic


Where’s the Journey love? One of the best there is for this price range.


Legacy Daaaa

I really like the new YYF One.

Legacy is a #1. Too bad there discontinued.

If there is the YYF One, totally, would be epic. And yes, Journey is a great yoyo.

My Legacy is a very heavy throw, much heavier than others. That tends to knock of the floatness but with caps off it’s floaty. Although again another disadvantage, caps off is extremely loud.

i feel like a dumb nub lol…whats a yoyofactory one? ive heard about it but ive never seen one or anything

YYF Starlight

I normally wouldn’t mention another store, but Fatlace has the YYF One. It’s a collaboration between Fatlace and YYF and 100% of your donation will go to the Japanese Red Cross. Oh and it only costs $10

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played an auldey speed team yesterday, about 25 bucks

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

this thing plays, I think if you didn’t try it, you can’t understand, I never ever thought that a $25 throw could play as well as this one, even better than my trusted DV888

does it have to be plastic ? because at that price, you won’t find better, unless you actually spend serious money.

Haha, thus another person discovers the awesomeness that is Auldey and Aoda. You should definitely try some Aoda throws - the Magic/Dancing Pearl and the Follow Wind are my current favorites, but you really can’t go wrong when they’re all under $25!

Whats this, no FHZ?!?! Its a sad day for me now :’(

I gotta say, I started yoyoing on a legacy, so I love those things. Techno 2’s are also great. Of course the FHZs and FH2’s are great too :wink:

I have a soft spot for FH2’s. They were my first decent plastic yoyo. The current crop (2010) model is awesome. They feel heavier then the original version with the rubber weight rings and I am aware they had a remold. They now come recessed which makes them play awesome. I hope Duncan release the FHZ in a recessed version :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to grab a few of them :slight_smile:

Throw Monkeys are pretty damn good too

You are ruining this poll by not including any Duncans. Where is the FHZ slot?

I was born raised educated, and most likely gonna be married with an Free Hand 2 ;D Not really, but I have a lot of love for the Free Hand Zero and the Free Hand 2.

Shoosh your mouth, if they do that then I would have to buy a lathe for my mods :smiley: