That whole yoyo factory thing.

I’m seeing more and more of this on the bst.
Will consider all trades except for yoyofactory.

It kinda bugged me because all my prior experiences with yoyofactory have been good. They’re budget metals are incredible for the price. Then I tried four different Equilaterals from the gift boxes (I had one, my brother had two, and a friend had one also) and all of them had a cheap feeling and the threads seemed like if I tightened it tight at all it would strip and they didn’t want to screw or unscrew very easily. Now this is a $110 yoyo and that cheap yoyo feeling just seemed like it should retail for around $40. Not bashing yoyofactory but it just seemed like a cheapo yoyo. Are the other yoyofactory high ends like this? If so I understand why people feel that way about them. What are your thoughts?

okay yeah i understand the whole equilateral thing i hate it my friend loves his but it is trash should never have been made.

Now on the other hand i have a 2014 genesis and it is the most solid yoyo i have ever played with.
Another is the 2012 genesis which is a beast of a yoyo i love it to death.
The shutter is really good for the price.

It just seems that sometimes the yoyofactory doesn’t perform to its fullest i guess that happens with every yoyo company.

No, the equilateral is one of their most mediocre throws. Most of their stuff is pretty good. Shutter, horizon, TooHot, and Space Cowboy all get great reviews.

I think it’s more based around the fact that the most popular yoyofactory stuff is now their budget throws, like the Shutter, Horizon, CZM8, or Cypher. Most people don’t want these in return for higher end throws, even if the dollar value adds up. That’s not to say that they’re bad in any way, because they perform very well for the price. But very few people are going to want to trade their CLYW for 3 budget YYFs. Also, many people already have one or more of those, so they don’t need any more.

As for higher end YYF, they are either outdated or just don’t hold the same trade value compared to other brands. They’re also generally readily available to buy new, and don’t have the rarity of other brands… So people likely would rather buy them new if they wanted them, rather than trade their rarer throws for common YYF throws… Even if the trade value is similar.

Equilateral is terrible. Even in the Mickey demo with it I think he had to eventually switch to his own yoyo lol.

I miss the '09 Severe. And small bearing '07 888, Grind Machine 2, broad pad Genesis… you know, their good yoyos, :). I have been pretty happy with my Shutter, though. Easily the best $45 I’ve ever spent on a yoyo. Can’t speak on the equilateral, haven’t played one.

It’s funny, I was just thinking recently, “I’m glad to see YYF getting less flak recently. Looks like people are finally wising up.”

Guess we’ve not come across the same threads. :wink:

YYF is so good. Period.


Yea could be. Just recently I was running around on the bst and it seemed like I saw it a bunch.

I don’t mind my equallateral at all!! Threw a KK in it and it performs so good!!

I also Just got a Ricochet a while back and i love it to death!! So good!! Just as good as any CLYW Aside from my chief of course :wink: Which is now broken :frowning:

Yoyo factory, I think is a better yoyo brand then most. Not the best but better than most. The shutter, mighty flea, fast 201, (And my equilateral is great I don’t know what all that talk is about it sucking), The 888 is still to this day one of my favorit yoyos, and the super nova is my smoothest play (After getting a new bearing). I love a lot of yyf products, and with them I can afford. I get like, the CLWY (Or how ever it is) cause yeah, they’re good yoyos, but they’re 105 and up. And that’s a LOT OF MONEY to spend on a yoyo, even if it’s like, the bst currency.
I like yoyo factory. It’s one of my preferred companies to buy from, if I had to choose.

That’s funny because I recently offered a CLYW Chief for a 2014 Genesis and was turned down. I’ve always loved YYF. My first was a DNA which was also my first all-metal throw. Since then I’ve absolutely loved the Genesis, the Superstar, the Catalyst, and the G5. Their new budget metals have brought YYF back into the forefront of the yoyo world and opinions of the company have definitely improved. I’m glad for that.

I dont get why you people consider the shutter horizon czm etc line budgets.

Because they’re budget friendly :stuck_out_tongue: More so than an Isotope 2 or a Draupnir.

What would happen if YYF, just like YYJ, didnt want to drop their ‘‘made in teh US’’ label and hence release all these new yoyos at $90+? Interesting Choice by YYF there.

I don’t know, that’s a conversation for another day? I don’t know how that’s relevant.

YYF has quite a few yoyos in the $90 price range and even over $100. To release the Shutter, Horizon, TooHot, and CZM8 for under half that price qualifies as a budget metal in my mind. It’s still a lot for a yoyo to many people, but some companies are only releasing plastics with metal weight rings for that price.

Superstar… Supernova… Ricochet… Shutter… Shu-Ta… Roll Model… Severe… Cyborg… Horizon… Space Cowboy… Protostar… North Star… Cypher… Genesis… Aviator… G5… Mvp2… Proton… Delrin Severe… Too Hot… And another few I haven’t mentioned. < All Excellent yoyos at several different price points.

To pick out an Equilateral(also an excellent yoyo) and use that as fuel for a fire? You couldn’t even heat one hot dog with that.

Whining about YYF just seems to be a National dilusion.

Nit pick away, forever. YYF makes some really good yoyos.

A few people on the BST that don’t want YYF are… Uh; a few people on the BST.

Nothing more


It’s probably because they are rather easy to get and most people have one anyway, thus not really desired upon, owning a (random) yyf doesn’t feel as “exclusive” as owning a (random) CLYW for instance.
Most yoyos in the market right now are really good, choosing yoyos is not all about performance anymore.

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I agree with that. It’s not just kind of who has the more exclusive yoyo and what do you want to trade to get it?

The distinction between these 2 lines is arbitrary. All it would take is one word from Gentry and BAM your shutter just became $100.