too much YYF ??...


this forum seems to be full of YYF fans … personally i never got a YYF …always searching for new thing just like ILYY , hspin , SPYY … etc

but many players todays are according to tell me that those new YYF aren’t as great as the other used to be … (franctic hectic c 13 boss )

so do everybody here really think that all YYF rocks??

i don’t got one so i can’t tell but i feel like all those yoyos coming out in 2 months don’t make me feel just like other yoyos that we waited during months … i think that’s why i 'm not fan of those new YYF…

YYF is pretty sweet.

They have a yoyo for everyone, and all of their yoyos are great players and great values.

As much as companies like SPYY, ILYY, and CLYW are great, YYF has plastics that outplay those metals and are half the price.

YYF makes just good all around yoyos. Other copanies make good yo’s too but they are usually aquired tastes and only certain people like them.

On my wishlist, I have SPYY, ILYY, HSpin, BBYY, One Drop and YYJ above any YYF yoyo. You can say that YYF has something for everyone, but I seem to find these companies more interesting. One Drop has the greatest people I’ve ever had the chance to talk to. HSpin is like a firecracker of creativity. SPYY has a great line of creative yoyos ,always comes up with soomething new and has the most awesome team. ILYY has a wicked line of metals (something for everyone too). BBYY has a cool naming theme and yoyos that I really want to try. And YYJ is just, well they are special. To me. I just seem to really like YYJ (must be some sort of magic).

Maybe I’d like to buy a YYF at some point, but now, when I look at all the other companies, I would rather buy from them.

YoYoFactory is constantly evolving. They are the pinnacle of yoyoing evolution. They’ve come out with the most innovative yoyos, they’ve introduced fresh ideas (being used by other companies, in fact) they have great customer service (and those of you who say otherwise were probably being complete jerks to Ben, which is why he wouldn’t help you, or you guys are making it up.)

YYF now has a full-line of cheap metals. Sure, One-Drop did that, but YYF expanded on that.

YYF has sponsored many contests, helped out many people, and Ben is one of the nicest guys I know. He was handing out K-Pads and stacks at BLC, and he was going to sell me a SPEC for $1.

You don’t like YYF - That’s okay. But don’t complain about them when they have done more then you. When they have contributed more then you. When they have taken modern yoyoing, and made it so much more.

Until you can do all the things YYF does, don’t disrespect them.



Ben actually gave a bunch of SPECs away, ask me and Jerry.

I think they may actually start another yo yo boom

No that’s still Duncan.

Especially since everybody grew up with Duncan yoyos. Nobody is going to go out and randomly buy a yoyo that isn’t Yomega or Duncan. I mean, if I were eating a certain food all my life and then I came across the same thing but from a different brand, most likely I wouldn’t buy it.

I also hate the YYF kids that have not played anything else but YYF, and then bash on every other company.

That and the fact that Duncan is selling in Toy stores and Wal Marts. Duncans might not be the best starters, but they are by far the easiest to stumble upon (and the better selling).

But if YYF markets their cheap yo-yos right and yo-yos like F.A.S.T. 201s and Velocitys show up in similar stores, it could work. It just takes some mass distribution and good marketing to set up a boom. Well, that and a revolutionary yo-yo.

I have played CLYWs, One-Drops, YYJ, and lots other companies, but YYF just beats them all.

I’ve said this before, and I’ve said this again.

On paper, Yoyofactory is the single greatest yoyo company there is today, and you cannot deny that. They go from everything to plastic bearings and no take apart designs, all the way up to titanium. They listen to what their customers say. They have so much variety. They are the kings of evolution, with adjustable response, b-grades, 1/2 spec, hubstacks, and more. There’s something for every preference, budget, and play style. And, all the yoyos play incredibly well. They last long, are smooth, and well machined.

I own a few YYF’s. Are they my favorites? No. Do I respect them for what they represent? You betcha.


Well, I stumbled upon this topic and I wanna voice my opinion. Woot! Well, I do not own a YYF but honestly, I think that they are a great company. They have definitely earned the spot to have their name with Duncan and Yomega(IMO). Like Jeromy said, they have so much variety and now, they are catering to our wallets! Only 2 company’s have actually done that and YYF is definitely the lead one. I do not personally know Ben or any of the YYF team, but I think it is a great franchise.

Yeah Ben is just awesome like that :smiley:

EVERY yoyo company will eventually have a crappy yoyo. YYF has had theirs more than once. Speed dial and the fly master come to mind. Are all of their yo’s bad? Nope. Do they appeal to all yoyoers? nope. Will they cause the next boom? Nope!

people like you and I will be the reason for the next boom. Getting out in the sunlight or in the mall and throwing around people that would never know yoyo’s can do “that”. There is your boom starter.

Yes I like a few YYF’s. Actually I’ve owned quite a few. I only kept one. its an 888. I’m not too happy with it. I really want the boss though. It looks like my kinda yoyo.

How do you “much”? The title says “to much YYF” so I’m not sure how somebody could much something. :stuck_out_tongue:

YYF is a great company. Lots of yoyos to fit many preferences. I have one of their yoyos (Catch13) and I personally like it a lot. I don’t think there can be too much of a company going around, as long as they aren’t monopolizing the sport.

While pointing out a typo you made one yourself Apetrunk. I think you meant “aren’t monopolizing the sport”.

Lets not start a you know what…


You’re right Evan. I aplogize, Apetrunk. I just felt you were trying to make someone feel dumb. The guy who started this thread does not speak English as a native tongue and probably didn’t understand what you were pointing out anyway. I got touchy for a sec. Like I said I apologize for getting out of line.

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