Why all the hate?

I’ve noticed a lot of hate here on the forums. Particularly on YoYoFactory.

Now, I don’t like YoYoFactory a whole lot. I’m not much of a fan, but I don’t dislike them. It’s just that I’ve noticed a lot of hating on their products and such. Why must people rage about things like this? It’s yoyoing. We’re yoyoers.

Once again, I’m not doing this for the sake of YoYoFactory. I really don’t use YYF… like, ever. But the fact that they get a lot of hate, orany company or person getting hate in yoyoing, is just wrong. If you’re one of these people, you should cool off, get off your computer, and actually throw some yoyos.

Not me though… because my legs are sore. Seriously. Justin Jason and I biked about 3 miles yesterday, and then three more… up Alessandro. Now, I know you don’t know what street that is, but it’s STEEP. Then today we went to the park and played a catch game on our bikes. Lots of rules, but very fun. But we biked… a lot. Then we went home. Then we went back, again. Played the bike game, and then played handball, because we found a bouncy ball. Then we went home. Then, an hour later, I went to their house, and we played basketball. So the moral of the story is… wait, what’s this post about again?

My only real issue with YYF is that they just pumped out 2 protostar variants that seem exactly the same (except the starlite is full plastic). And the H shape is getting a tad worn out at least for me. They make good stuff, just too much of it?

EDIT: Why make a bunch of “good” when you can make a bit less and get “great”?

All companies rehash old products eventually. They just do it… more. :stuck_out_tongue: And if it bothers you, don’t pay attention to it.

thats why.

But seriously.  yyf is awesome they just have been spamming yoyo’s.

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I’m not really into YYF… but i’m into the yoyoing community not sucking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Samad, do people in school bully you about how you carry your book’s?

This is my main point, the other things are just minor observations. I’m not going to just ignore the company because I’m interested in seeing them suceed. Well, theyve already done that. They dominate the market by providing tons of yoyos for every skill level an have a huge variety. It just gets old when “there goes yoyofactory releasing ANOTHER yoyo”.

Or mabye it’s just cool to hate “The Man” and praise the “rebellious, hip, young copmpanies”… And if they take the time to make awesome yoyos? Awesome!

No… ok maybe… just a little… yes…


Ok think of it this way, they can make yoyos out the wazoo and there is literally nothing you can do about it, and hating will just make you look like a jerk.

Don’t you know, everyone has to hate someone, look at the NBA everyone is hating (or at least people I know irl) on the Miami Heat because they scored Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. I personally enjoy my Dv888, my Lunatic, my Protostar (RIP :’() however you don’t see me slandering any other companies, shoot I even like some of Yomega’s stuff. So what if the YYF approach to the market seems like overkill (maybe even ACTUAL overkill :P) it’s working for them isn’t it? To have a big following means you have more consumers, the more consumers, the more profit. Guess what if you keep that cycle rolling, your small companies turn into bigger companies, YYF has IMO the biggest consumer base, it works, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, if people can’t get over it then I suggest they not attempt to follow the company and it’s endeavors.

I don’t really even know if this post is coherent due to my sleepy mindset but hey a ambling response is better than nothing… right? ::slight_smile:

I should probably not say anything on this though.

EDIT: I was so close to putting your “I <3 Yoyofactory” vid Samad.

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ya but that vid is mad old…


Actually HATING on a company is a waste of time. A disliking for a legit reason is another whole deal. Personally, I’m not gonna boycott a company because they release things often (Plus, it’s right before Worlds) I mean, I have plenty of YYF yoyos.

i have plenty YYF yoyo as well. they are easy to get here in indonesia.

from what i know about ‘people “hate” YYF’, is due to some reason.

some say ; they ruin the ‘oh so good’ yoyo.
happen to the original 888 that many love, but as the time pass by, people are saying the newest version of 888 is just not good. but some people still love the 888x. i see this very often.

some say ; they over shadow many small companies yoyo.
due to they massive release, and some good promotion.

some say ; they throws feel the same, and hollow, and lack of character.
due to smoothness i guess. as many people say ‘vibe give my yoyo character’.
honestly, do people like to by yoyo that are smooth, or that have character?
people choice.

some say ; they make ridiculous amount of profit by making yoyos in china.
happen to the 888x and 2010 G5.

some say ; …

ahh, i’m talking too much…

honestly, i like YYF.
but the fact that i was drawn more to their product sometimes bug me.
i really love genesis, and one day swore i would not buy any YYF yoyo for sometime after i got my second genesis. i really want an adegle yoyos.
but then, there was severe. and i was drawn to it, now there is yuuksta…

oh well, it’s just me really.

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I personally have nothing wrong with yyf. Them remaking yoyos doesn’t hurt me unless I buy them, and if I did it was my fault, that being said you guys gotta realize makeing a new yoyo is no easy proccess. It’s hard to think of new shapes and specs when there are already so many models out there. That and, civilians just tend to naturaly hate big and/or monopolizing companies.

lol your usage of the term “civilian” I haven’t used that word in that context since I was in the Marines :smiley: Ahh, you made me smile, thanks lol

Glad I could make your day.

Theres nothing wrong with yoyofactory making alot of new yoyos, they are a big company so they can make many thing and cheaper. Like the fundametal, YYF give the option to players that can’t buy a 100$ CLYY to buy a cheaper metal yoyo like a fundametal. They make great cheap yoyos like protostar, for people who cant afford a metal but want something that plays like a metal.

I just don’t see why we should “hate”…

I personally like YYF…
But that doesn’t make me “hate” something else…

If you don’t like something, just leave it alone…

That’s my opinion…