All the meaningless hate towards YoYoFactory needs to stop. It’s retarded.
YoYoFactory makes a ton of awesome, afordable yoyos for all play styles, and for some reason they are quickly becoming one of the most hated companies in yoyoing, and I think it’s wrong.

Remember guys, YoYoFactory used to be a teeny little companie just like General-Yo and OneDrop.
Then when they became succesful and starting making more yoyos, people started turning their backs on them. Why? It’s stupid.


Agreed they have a yoyo for almost everyone.

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i agree i dont like when people say that too. i love yoyo factory!! they have awesome yoyos

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You are so Right.
Everybody keeps on Hating on Yoyofactory, When they have More Yoyos then Any Other Company. Their Yoyos are Great too! Like, I know Everybody likes the Dv888 (You know what I mean by saying Everybody) and they make Stable, Smooth, Long Sleeping Yoyos.
People aren’t Appreciating YYF like they should. YYF is a Great Company (Actually the Only Company that I LOVE) and people are just being Mean to them Like, Some People on the Forums are saying “YYF has Slaves in China, and they Spit on Puppies too!”
For goodness Sakes. Everybody is taking them for Granted!
But, Jump, you are Absolutely Correct. People shouldn’t hate YYF. They Are Awesome, and Everybody Knows it.

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I agree. I also think that people need to stop worshiping them too. I’ve seen people at contests with like 20 YYF yoyos and that’s it. They don’t have anything else. It’s like 99% of the yoyo population has made their life’s goal to be sponsored by yoyofactory. Everyone needs to stop hating on them and stop worshiping them. Yoyo for fun…

In order for the “hate” to stop, you need to stop bringing up the issue. It will go away in time if both sides are willing to cut the crap. Posts like this are just as bad as the hate posts becasue its keeping the issue fresh and open. Both sides, let it go!


I’ll think what I wanna think.

Nothing needs to stop, if they didn’t want every small move they make to be crtiticized, they shouldn’t have started a company. And they handle it very well. They know that a lot of people hate them, and they just keep on going.

First amendment, we can say what we want.

I’ve been gone for awhile. I missed quite a bit on this… but I saw “the” thread. I still think YYF is a great company. :smiley:

Although I honestly don’t understand how you could make a yoyo with the exact same shape and everything.

Oh well, I’m moving past it and honestly don’t care about this matter at all.

I think all this “hate” were fanboys over-reacting from little complaints about YYF. They hold a great company and make good quality yoyos.

But I feel, even though there yoyos are great, the recycling of the designs has gotten really old. I mean its just everytime I see a new yoyo by YYF, its seems, almost the same to a yoyo they made a year ago.

I am not hating the company, I am not saying the yoyos play bad, its just a thing that seems to be fixed.


I still don’t understand why this is such a big deal. There are loads of other companies that do the exact same thing and nobody complains—take YYJ for instance. If YYF produces a design and lots of people want that sort of design, why shouldn’t they make more of them, or update them and release it as a new product—which it is? There’s no need to produce a radically different design every time, especially when existing designs are quite sufficient and people already want them.

It reminds me of the car design mentality. You don’t care if it’s good, you just want it to be different from anything else that has ever existed.

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I and everyone else is allowed to think whatever they want. Personally i can care less about this because it doesn’t affect me in any way shape or form. There just giving variety and make cheap fundametals. I yoyo to have fun and you guys are IMO very critical about it.

Your missing the point and no, post like this do not wake people up, reviews wake people up. They give detailed reasons to why the yoyo is a great player, not the “I love YYF and you should too because I say so” kind of dribble. I love the C13 but can’t stand the Protostar, does that mean I hate YYF? No. They are a good company, but they may make some throws that people don’t like. I see people trash the Metal Zero all the time. Its the same situation. In the end, just let it go. People will like what they like and hate what they hate. Its called preference.

I think yoyo factory is the premier yoyo company because of it’s love for yo-yoing

They demonstrated this by producing revolutionary ideas and creating affordable quality yo-yos and have given their team members the chance to compete in many different contests and also given them signature yoyos or signature versions of yo-yos

To sum it up haters will be haters and fanboys will be fanboys

I greatly respect yyf and will always like their yo-yos

I <3 YYF

Not really related to the post topic, I just wanted to say that it would be better if you used another word instead of “retarded” because it’s offensive and sad for people who have family members that are afflicted with Down Syndrome.

OMG i hate PC people more than anything

This thread is embarrassing.

more than half the population that have computers are “PC people”

PC=Politically correct

Fanboys unite… form of a protostar… form of jensen kimmitt

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I think the hate started with some or one person pointing out that ‘yoyo A’ and ‘yoyo b’ look somewhat alike and they were by yoyofactory. What I’ve noticed though, is that with all of the “recycled” designs, the yoyo that’s being recycled has minor changes. They’re changing things that their players thought were flaws. That shows they care about providing good yoyos to the public. I think yoyofactory is a great company. Are they my favorite? No. Do I hate them? No. I don’t understand why people have to take it to “extreme” levels when providing an opinion on yoyo companies. If you don’t like them, fine, but try to keep it to yourself.