is YYF evil?

Simply put, is yyf evil? I don’t know why, but I always invision YYF as a big company producing carbon emissions, not caring about it’s customers and being cruel, making mass produced, poorly crafted products in china using slaves. While this probably is not the case, I just need the re-assurance.

Yoyo companies are like the super heros in a movie.


you’re thinking of Nike

Watch this. It’ll change your mind.

no there actually very kind i got a mint 2010 severe in box for 80 never opend

More like the Supperstars. :wink:

In addition to everything you listed.
They eat puppies too.

How does a yoyo company produce carbon emissions? Carbon dioxide is like oxygen for plants. Carbon Dioxide is good. Even know YYF doesn’t emit carbon dioxide.

YYF uses electricity.

I’m not sure of the percentage, but alot of our power comes from coal.

The burning of coal sends those lovely emissions into the air.

Thats how you get carbon emissions from a yoyo company.

well there u go! :slight_smile:

Oh, that makes sense. I was like, how does a YOYO company emit carbon? lol

You know, Thats funny that you would say that about Yoyofactory.
Because, Thats Exactly what I thought when I started Yoyoing.
I thought Yoyofactory didn’t care about costomers, and was really cruel and mean.
But, When I got really Serious about Yoyoing, and became one of the Virginia State Champions of 2010, I knew that Yoyofactory is my All time Favorite Company, and they put a lot of care and thought into their yoyos, and packagings. They listen to people, and make their yoyos very thoughtful. :slight_smile:

YYF IMO has the best customer service out of all the yoyo companies. The poeple who work there are really nice and understanding when it comes to customer service. They may not have the best yoyos, but they are pretty darn good.

If having a carbon footprint is evil.
And making things more than one at a time is evil.

Who knows what factory conditions are like.

they do own a factory in china i believe… or did i dream that. anyways, i feel like that, but i know it is misslead. yoyofactory makes great yoyos, has great costomer service, and they can make yoyos float.

you feel like that because they are one of the few companies that releases more than 3 yoyos in one year, and continues to produce them after the first release. most companies just make a few hundred, then wait for the second run. yoyofactory pumps their yoyos continuously into the yoyoing market.

also, just a correction, carbon foot print doesn’t mean produces carbon into the air. carbon is what all life is based out of. Coal is pure carbon. CO2 is carbon dioxide. Carbon foot print is a missnomer. or maybe it was that carbon foot print meant the mark that our life forms cause. i forgot which one

Yes, YoyoFactory is evil… really?

Just because a company has a wide range of products doesn’t mean that their “the evil monopolists who give crap as long as people buy it”. It doesn’t make YYF any different from smaller companies like SPYY, CLYW, Hspin or any other, they all contribute immensely to their community and their product. Heck, Duncan has been around longer than most of them combined and you don’t see anyone calling them evil, do you?

lol. Yoyofactory is SO evil… :wink:

This, and…

YoYoFactory is the single greatest yoyo company on Earth. Period.