yyf hate?

Why do so many people NOT like yyf? I live in az right by the factory. A lot of the guys are cool, considering i go there quite often. I hear that the “players are jerks”. not true. and i understand that yyf is everywhere…but that doesn’t cross out the fact that they have some of the best product around. What do you guys think?

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Hatred comes from the heart, not from the brain. There is no need of a reason to hate. YYF is popular, that’s often enough to be hated.


thatd ridiculous…

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A lot of people complain about yyf because of some questionable things in the past.
just some examples, the muffin top, spin top button, and the avant garde.
I’ve also heard some not so good things about ben, which I don’t think would be appropriate to share.

Also (just guessing here) people probably get tired of hearing from people, usually newer players, that yyf is the best company, or similar statements.

I can’t really complain about them. They make decent products for cheaper prices than a lot of other companies. Granted (another possible reason why people don’t like them) they’ve moved a lot of their production over to china, they’re still fine quality. Plus if you do get a bad egg, they have a pretty good customer service. I had a yuuksta that was a real lemon. The bearing was pretty much inseparable from the seat, it couldn’t be unscrewed, whatever. I sent it in to yyf and they replaced it, and gave me a free fast holder and stickers.

Would I say they make bad yoyos? no, not at all. Are they the best out there? no, I don’t think so. They’re more than adequate though. And they don’t generally cost you an arm and a leg like some other companies that shall remain nameless.


Of course it is. But there is no need to worry about. YYF’s business will not go bad because of some haters.

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It’s probably the minority. After so long, I have not really seen more than 3 posts that show hate for YoYoFactory. Every company has its critic. Just ignore them and judge for yourselves.

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I hear things. I keep these things to myself and form my own opinion.

At any rate, while YYF is not one of my favorite companies, I do like them. I have a few throws in the $100+ range that I want to get from YYF. The truth of the matter is that they do make good stuff, so if you’re gonna judge them by product alone(which is how I do it), I got no issues with YYF.

Are their players rude? Not in my experience. I’ve meet several in passing, mostly since they have to pass through/by me to get to the stage. Then again, I understand the competitive mindset and focus, and I take that into consideration. But those I’ve had a chance to talk to, I can’t say anything bad. Then again, I can say the same thing about other sponsored players and even non-sponsored players.

Whatever. They got stuff I want. I’m gonna buy it. Deal with it.

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There’s no company I would never buy from. As long as the yoyos play good, I willing to spend money on them.

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There are what I guess should be only referred to as “rumors” going around about YYF that are nothing new really. I try to judge from my own experience and not from what I’ve heard or read about on forums.

I personally see nothing wrong with YYF. They make some good products and the few players I’ve met have been just as nice as any other yoyo thrower I’ve met. I may not find YYF to be one of my top favorite companies but this comes from a desire to help support the smaller companies out there that make quality throws and could use the patronage. YYF, in my opinion, has a great following and if I can afford to buy a more expensive yoyo from another, newer, smaller company trying to make it then I want to do my part. I’ve thrown some YYF yoyos and they are good quality.

If there are people who want to bad mouth YYF, let them. In the end it just shows narrow-mindedness and an inability to think for oneself.

I have yet to do business with any yoyo company that is not courteous and grateful for the customers.

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I also don’t see anything wrong with YYF. From my experience they’ve been helpful whether it is on Facebook interactions or customer service via email. I discard the rumors because they’re just rumors and I don’t let those cloud my judgment from how YYF has treated me.

I throw mostly YYF because that’s what I’ve won from them in the past [hint: broke college student] and I can’t say anything bad about them because they do make quality products regardless if it’s mass produced or not.

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Occasionally you’ll see a few posts like this, some people can get ticked off by it. I’ve seen a few people begin to hate YoYoJam for the same reason…

You make affordable plastics that are popular with beginners, you’re likely to end up on the receiving end of a little hate from players who are throwing expensive and often ‘exotic’ metals…

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I think someone just went around and told all the haters it was opposite day. They’ve been very confused ever since.

Seriously, the Supernova is probably in my top 5 favorite throws of all time. In the <100$ price range it doesn’t get any better. It’s even better than most yoyos in the 100$< range. I recommend it every time someone asks me what yoyo they should get. YYF makes very amazing throws and pioneered our expectations on quality and smoothness. What’s there to hate about that?

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My Dietz is my favorite yoyo BUT I dont want it to get wet or dirty or most of all scuffed. Therefore my grind machine is permanently on my yyf holster on my keychain (this plastic can take a lickin and keep on tickin). When I don’t have my yoyobag, it’s my grind machine that shines and as late my yyf big deal is in my pocket. Yyf makes good yoyos and people with less talent that are stuck on one company that they think is the bomb, are going to hate all others regardless. In my experience, this is where most of the haters post and make threads from. It isnt till later when someone hands them a different company yoyo that it begins to change their mind. I just say to anyone that hates on any other company, “can I try your yoyo, hey and you can use my (code 2, grind machine, dietz, modified Duncan drifter) while im tryin yours out.” Give them a reason to doubt their own and soon they will have one yoyo from every company. ;D

Happy throwin’


I think yoyo “snobbery” is just a wasted effort.

What I like about YYF and YYJ is that they make yoyos for ALL skill levels and all play styles(or can be used for all play styles). Well, YYF lacks 4A right now, but other than that, they got it covered. They both make stuff inexpensive to over $120. YYJ seems to peak with I think the Phenom being their highest priced model, where YYF has a few that are higher than that. Plastic, metal, plastic AND metal, celcon, delrin, polycarbonate… it really doesn’t matter to me. Having models in all price ranges creates a broader user base. Win-win! Make customers happy, make good products and provide affordable products. I mean, the Protostar and Northstar, those things are pretty much a staple for that company. These are some of the best playing plastics I have played.

Yeah, not all their stuff does it for me. I played the Superstar, I gotta have it. The MVP, I love the shape and I know it will work well for me since I have an ILYY Void and really enjoy that. But, now, this is my opinion based on my preferences, I played the Skyline and didn’t care for it. I read all sorts of reviews and opinions that vary from mine. Clearly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the yoyo, it just wasn’t an ideal fit for me. I have a reputation for liking nearly everything. This is just a model that didn’t make my “likes” list. This is just proof that you can’t please everyone. That’s life.

If I’m having fun, that’s all I care about. If I enjoy the yoyo, then that’s all that’s important. Material is secondary on the list. It doesn’t matter that I can afford and DO buy brands like One Drop and CLYW(and really like their stuff). The silly part is my DM2 is STILL my go-to throw, and when I want to break it up, I’m just as likely to reach for an OD or CLYW as I am a YYF or YYJ or some other brand. I may feel like “hey, you know, I haven’t played my Whip for a while, let me put down my brand new Artcic Circle and toss the Whip around” and have just as much of a good time.

The reality these days is yoyo is a very niche market. You can’t get away with making an inferior product and expect to get away with it, it simply won’t happen. Bad products and/or companies will come and go very fast. That leaves everyone else with good product.

Some of my yoyo friends dislike YYF. That’s fine. They know that I don’t share their views. We’re all good with that.

Spend less time hating and more time enjoying. It’s better that way.

I think I’m gonna play my stackless PGM the rest of the day. I’m having trouble landing tricks I can do with ease on my Code 2 and other high end metals. Clearly, I’m not hitting them clean enough. Thank you YYF for providing me with yet another yoyo that I can use to help me dial in my tricks, improve my skill, give me variety and bring happiness to my day. Thank you YYE for selling me this stuff. Heck, thank you YYJ for being my main go-to throws. Thank you to all the companies that make the metal yoyos I enjoy.

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That also reminds me…Though the arctic circle is great (by definition of a yoyo) for clyw…im kinda unimpressed. Dont get me wrong…I LOVE IT. but I kinda was bummed cuz I expected too highly of it.

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I don’t like them because a lot of their designs are not original and they have monopolized very yoyo contest from east to west. And their yoyos play okay and are just overhyped. Personally, I prefer YYJ over YYF because YYJ can accomplish what YYF has accomplished, only with a bi-metal yoyo. And YYJ makes their stuff in the USA.

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my 2 cents…

I like YYF… They are my favorite plastic throws… IF I had to chose between YYF and YYJ (since they are often compared or pitted against each other) I would chose YYF 9 out of 10 times… with the exception of my DV888’s and PopStar - I don’t own any of the major metals either of them makes (not counting YYJ hybrids).

and for what it is worth, I really do prefer metal over plastic… and I’m guilty of that metal snobbery at times…

BACK to YYF… I am a Pastor, and I interact with the kids in our church quite often - they know I “play” with YoYo’s and are always asking to try (usually while I have a CLYW in my hands)… SO I got the idea, what if I had some I could give away… I contacted YYF - they got back to me RIGHT AWAY and they hooked me up with a sweet deal on Whips and Ones that I can give away…

In my book YYF is top notch…

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Love, hate??
It’s yoyos kids. :wink:


YoYoFactory Continues to produce a significant amount of product in the USA.
Currently including but not limited to:
Super G
Avant Garde
Mutant DNA
Avant Garde 2
Plus more in development including potentially a new made in USA plastic performance yoyo

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I had hoped for a more elaborate post.

For those that shun YYF for making yoyo’s outside of the U.S., Sometimes business is business. Sometimes it takes that to keep a company in the black. If you don’t like it then buy the products mentioned int he above post.

No need to hate the product no matter where it’s made. I bet you sure like that YYR you are playing with…