Anyone else have the same problem?

I have always liked supporting small businesses by buying there stuff, but lately im having a hard time staying away from YYF’s stuff. A year ago today, I bought a Dv888 and a PopStar and swore id never buy anything else from them and id start buying stuff from companies like CLYW. But now, every time i go to buy a new throw, it seems like the more appealing stuff, to me at least, is YYF. My 10 yo-yos consist of six YYF’s (Whip, Genesis, two Dv888’s, a SEVERE, a PopStar). Anyone else having this problem?

Nope, I think it’s just you. Lol. But, now that they are starting to make things in the USA again, it’s getting slightly more appealing

I really like yyf

Yes, same problem here. I don’t want to buy from Yyf any more but the supernova and genesis I’m eyeing. A few throws from the champion collections is also distracting me.

Im the same way lol lately everything I’ve been drawn to is YYF. Almost half of my throws are YYF and the next two I’m getting are going to be as well. It’s only a problem if you aren’t open to other company’s.

yeah i so wanted the 7075 catalyst or proton but i decided to go with a one drop code 2 i told myself try SOMETHING NEW!!!

I don’t understand how buying an interesting yoyo from any company is a problem. It’s the right choice if that’s what interests and works for you.

Same was eying a severe but trying something new and going with a dietz off the bst. biggest venture off my YYF was an NVx. before that had duncan’s and yyf’s. My biggest love though is my Master Galaxy I’m so happy i have this

If you like the yoyo and have the money, than just buy it. It’s not really a problem, I love YYJ, and my case is pretty much loaded with them, I don’t really think of it as a problem.

Yeah, it only matters if you enjoy their yoyos.

Well i love all my throws up to this point, mostly because I spend hours scoping everything out. I also love my two C3’s and my CLYW so I am open to other companies. Id just like to be even more open to the smaller companies.

I’m in favor of small businesses and I try to support my local merchants around where I live, even though I know they won’t support me back, but that’s a whole other story.

I’m actually moving away from YYF. I have 30 of their yoyos, all of which I greatly enjoy. I don’t have any hate or dislike for the company. What I will say is that the reality is that I have what I want from YYF and everything else they currently have is not something I am interested in or didn’t care for, which is something that can happen to me with any company.

I think YYF is getting tired of the quality control issues from China. Good. You pay 25% what you pay here, you get equivalent results.

Regardless, YYF makes good stuff. Definitely a good brand. They also sponsor amazing players who are producing championships. They know what they are doing.

You couldn’t have said it better. Although there isn’t any yoyo businesses near me, I know i need to move away from the bigger ones cause they aren’t really in risk of folding as a company. By supporting the smaller companies I feel like I’m doing more for that company and for us as a community. I also feel like i have what i need from YYF and i need to train myself to forget about them for a while. I have nothing against the company and don’t want them to feel like they’ve done something to make me shy away from purchasing their product all the same.

I AM HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! First I got a red whip In Like June, then a rec rev oktave 3 and decide to get another yyf do I got a velocity. Then a grind machine, then an Ann Connolly whip, then a genesis, then a popstar.

Our collection is kind of similar. We will have to meet up sometime and throw.

I feel you man. When YYF started doing alot of stuff in China a few years back, I told myself I didn’t want any more throws from them and I wanted to branch out to different companies besides them. The china thing wasn’t my main issue, it was just more about me not being particularly interested in their current models at the time. But recently, with YYF releasing so many new models (so many nice competition ones)… I just can’t resist. It’s hard to keep buying from General Yo, CLYW, etc while supporting YYF because the money adds up rather quickly when you’re buying from all 3. I try my best to keep it balanced. I’m proud of YoYoFactory, and I think they’re doing things right. They’ve gained a lot of my respect recently and have earned their spot in my Top 3 favorite companies list. They’ve become more involved with the community, listening to them, and releasing home run after home run recently. I like YYF alot more than I used to. But yes to the OP, I have this same problem.

With the release of the SEVERE and Ann WHip i just couldnt help myself. And i love my Dv888 so much that i ad to get three…

Three? haha

Whatever floats your boat, I guess. lol

I wanted a black one when they only had red, gray and blue so i bought gray. Then my friend decided to give me his red one the day after i ordered a black one so i only paid for two.

None of YYF’s products interest me. They aren’t even on the backburner for me. They just don’t appeal to me in any way.

However, I do want an 08 888

and the mutant DNA looks pretty sweet