yyf hate?

It is a funny thing… the “where it’s made” argument - for most it’s not about the “where” but if it’s made in China or not… I enjoy my Lio (ILYY), that’s from Germany - not America… my C3 Halo is Hong Kong (the “it’s-not-quite-china” China) and I don’t see the hate there… as mentioned above YYR is Japan… but the moment something is made in China it is villainized…

Also the argument they monopolize contests? That’s called harnessing a solid team - unless you mean sponsorship of the event itself - in that case you should be thanking them for putting down the money and making it happen…

It’s sort like music and the indie/underground scene - everyone wants to lay claim to seeing something first, but they hate it when it gets popular and goes mainstream - I remember seeing Nirvana (a couple times) as the opening act to an opening act in Seattle (yeah,I’m that old) can you imagine going up to them and saying you should stay that way? Less exposure? (Than again, maybe it wouldn’t have ended the way it did) I remember a day when you could only buy a Ramones shirt at a Ramones show… now I can get one at Walmart - does that change their music? Does it somehow tarnish their reputation? No, it keeps the music alive…

If yoyo can’t find a place deeper in mass market it will die… it can’t stay underground… or niche… I’m not saying you have to like YYF or that you have to have a closet full of them - but you can’t hate on a company moving the market forward…

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Best post ever.

Less hating. More throwing.

Simple, easy, DONE!


wanna trade? lol btw dude aren’t you in MD? why don’t you come to our meets? seriously!!!

What yoyos do they make in that factory by you in Arizona? I thought all were made in China? And I dont hate YYF, but I would rather have my money that I work hard for to go to a smaller, completely American comapny, since that is what will help our economy. Companies like Onedrop, RecRev, etc are the companies that are going to be getting my money.


didn’t think about that … i just bought a royale and can’t wait for it … which is also home based :slight_smile:

btw what other companies are american based? cus i think that is a good idea …

One drop … so is G2 since they are right there … Square wheels … i didn’t know recrev was … who else?

hmm sounds like a new topic !!

As long as the product is good ,which it is for yyf, I’ll buy from anywhere. although i don’t see why some people hate them. there facebook and email interactions are good as someone else said.
they are also really nice on their youtube videos

Business is business, but business decisions can have an effect on consumers. I’m personally done with yoyofactory because of their outsourcing. Business decision for them, spending decision for me. I’d rather support a company that supports US manufacturing instead of benefiting from cheaper outsourcing. That’s what I want as a consumer and that’s what I will support.

I don’t “hate” yoyofactory for it and if they ever stop outsourcing I’d start buying from them again.


That’s cool. When I went to Mexico in October to visit a children’s home, I contacted YYJ and asked for a donation. Turns out the owner’s a Christian and they love giving yoyos to missionaries.
I went to Mexico with 50 YYJ Speedmakers. I held two classes, and the kids loved it.

There’s a list somewhere.

The yo-yo community is full of hipsters.

all yoyos except the superstar, supernova and genesis are all made in arizona.

888, dv888, protostar, northstar, one, whip, counter attack, pocket yo…I think all their current plastics, are made in china.

YoyoFactory manages to make yoyos that are great for their price, while also simultaneously making yoyos that are incredibly bland and uneventful for their price. It’s a mixed bag.

That, and I’m not very fond of the clones and yoyos pulling other elements and slapping them onto another yoyo. See, I’m not going to go out and buy a Avant Garde II, but that’s not gonna stop me from maybe picking up a OneStar or something.

Also, YoyoFactory doesn’t have any real classic round yoyos that play all that well. Their entire line pretty much consists of wild shapes and angles, and that doesn’t interest me a whole lot. [EDIT]: Y’know, there’s actually the DNA, which I enjoyed. So I guess there’s one or two.

Also also, having small bearing metals that are more than an afterthought instead of just slapped into existing designs would be neato. [EDIT]: I know this would not be worthwhile for YoyoFactory, since the majority plays C bearing yoyos almost exclusively.

I have always been a huge fan of yyf because they offer so many different types of yoyos and that really interests me, i dont really have a specific preference for my yoyos and love that so much variety is offered

YYF. Great yo yos. That’s it. Spend less time posting on the internet and more time throwing and doing whatever else makes you happy. (This is not aimed at OP or anyone specifically.)

Um, I believe Chico yoyos makes most of their yoyos in local shops around california, but I am not sure. And I cant think of anymore off of the top of my head, but I know if you do a search there are lots of threads about it

Hate is a really Strong word that should be reserved for special occasions. People hate serial killers. People hate animal cruelty. People hate, haters. If you don’t have an Excellent reason to ‘Hate’ somebody/or something, then you are just showing a higher than average degree of immaturity or Ignorance.

What Valid reason can/could you have to Hate a Yoyo Company?

I notice some Clowns throwing the word around, but see little in the way of background as to how this posture is Valid.

I have known Hans and Ben for 15 years. They have busted their tails to move yoyoing along. I am not saying these guys are related to Mother Teresa. I am just saying they do stuff Worldwide. They Love yoyos. They were at it years before I even knew them. They faded out for awhile after Playmaxx was sold. But decided to come back and make a Business of it. And that they have. Hans works from early every morning to late every night…the guy is like a friggin Machine. Ben at any given time can be anywhere on the Planet; doing something Yoyo related. They have a Team of Players that take care of Business. YYF has yoyos at every Price point; a variety second to none.

But instead of appreciating or respecting their efforts; Jealous, Spiteful Punks, crank up the Hate, to butcher their Image.

Me? I don’t hate haters. I Pity them. Unjustified hate has a way of Back firing.

So keep Hating, Suckers. You play… Some day it will come back to you.

Now where is my Supernova? Ah, right there next to my Genesis. Over by my 5 Avant Gardes; between my 2 Catch 22’s.

I hate liver and onions. < true

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As a lover of art I have to say some good things about YYF’s videos on youtube. The promo video for the dv888 is so childlike and fun. Its like a yoyo dream come true:

I also really like Tyler’s Severe promo video with the Placebo song. This is the video I use to show my uninitiated friends how cool counter weight and modern yoyoing in general is:


All of that being said…no one creates better videos than Jensen Kimmitt. Magickarp being my own personal favorite. When I saw Jensen’s 2010 video on YYE’s Northstar page I knew I had to get a Northstar. The simple fact that he uses a cheap toy to win worlds really impressed me.

Jensens music video? Magikarp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS7qMnEGuCc

Jensen doing my my favorite trick of all time at 32 seconds into it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpR4GA5JomM

So yes…the fact that Jensen’s name is no longer on the Northstar is one reason why people hate YYF (and also why Jensen threw the 2010 world championship yoyo into a lake). Hes like a hero to stoners and hipsters around the world. I read a big long journal by Jensen after he left YYF to try and figure out what the problem was. The message I got out of it was that Jensen loves the YYF players but that YYF in general  has too much emphasis on business rather than “fun”.

Then of course there is the whole Walmart-ization concern. The big “factory” that outsources to china comes in and puts all the small mom n pop companies out of business. People are really worried about that kinda thing. YYF Is clearly the walmart of yo. You might call CLYW the more expensive organic Whole Foods option (another game I play is comparing YOYO companies to car manufacturers…OneDrop being an American made BMW for example)

All of that being said…I too agree that HATE is too strong a word to use for a manufacturer of YOYOs (just saying that makes me laugh).

Personally I probably will not be buying another YYF (I have a northstar and my buddy has a dv888) but not because I hate the company. Well the Avant Garde2 looks amazing so I might have to get that…but I hesitate due to the controversy over who really designed it. The real reason I probably wont buy another YYF is because I have an unquenchable thirst to obtain a clyw ac and a onedrop code2. Once I have those I suspect I wont be in need of another throw for at least a few years.


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