I agree completley with first post, YYF is awsome!!!

GO VELOCITY!!! :smiley:

This thread is doomed. Instead of just leaving this to the treads that already exists, we just had to create another thread saying what has already been said a lot of times. The bottom line is that people will probably never stop publicy hating YYF. People publicly hate everything, so there’s no real reason to give YYF a pass to not be hated on. That said, I would like people to stop unless they actually have something new on the table, seeing the same old hatethreads all over is boring. Most YYF hatethreads are recycled more often than a YYF design (BOOM BAD PUN IN THE FACE!). Joking aside, we’ve read the hate now, come up with something new that’s worth reading and back it up with some argument.

The next thread I see about hating or not hating YYF will be spammed with pictures of turtles and different kinds of meat.




How dare you make a comment like that directed toward YoYoFactory?! You sir are a vile human being and have officially lost all respect from me! Talking about my YYF like that…

Who am I kidding? That was hilarious. Great timing too.