Just wanted to get this out there…

Ever since I started yoyoing there’s been a mix of hype and hate for some company or another and it just doesn’t have to be like that.

  • being one company’s fan doesn’t have to come at the expense of all others
  • there’s no need to acquire all the new yoyos from your favorite company and like every one
  • the hype can just come and go and no one has to get swept up into it if they really don’t want to

I’m a fan of a few different yoyo makers and appreciate the unique attributes (performance, aesthetics, classic, modern, etc.) they bring to the table. Instead of dissing X company because they are not like Y, be happy that they are different. There’s really something for everyone right now, so many good yoyo choices at all price levels.

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Whenever I use a yoyo from a smaller company (not people like yyf, just because they have such a large amount of different products) that I absolutely love, it brin gs me a natural inclination to attempt to try all of their products. I mean, 6 of my 8 throws are yoyofactory just because I happen to like those throws. Not Because any company is worse than yoyofactory or better.
I don’t get why people diss companies like that. They work hard just to give us yoyos that they hope we like. If you don’t like a company, keep it to yourself. None of us want to hear it.

This is exactly what I think.
I love yoyofactory, infact most of my throws are yoyofactory.
But why does everyone have to diss them? Most of their throws are quality throws, and they atleast don’t steal our money buy pricing them reasonably, so whats bad about them?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen hate on YYF. In fact I haven’t seen much hate at all. Usually when I do see hate it is for a valid reason, not from some sort of zealotry.

People typically request no YYF on the BST because they’re trading throws which contain some sort of “rarity.” I could say my 888x MIB is worth the same as an ILYY Torino, but chances are I won’t get that. There are a lot of 888x’s out there, while there are only 118 Torinos. Just something to think about. ;D

Well there was plenty of hate on YYF a while back on other forums. Criticism is healthy and good, but when some repeatedly go out of their way to malign one particular company then it’s no longer just criticism. If it’s not YYF, CLYW or YYR that’s getting hit with all the hype + backlash, then it will be some other company.