-One who is passionate towards a particular party.

-One who swears to one party, company, or business.

-A device used to circulate air.

Hello YoYoExpert community.  I am spending the weekend with my girlfriend so I decided to write one of my mini-series peices with her.  This one being entitled Fanboyism.  By now I think most of you people know what my mini-series project is.  But for those of you who don’t, I try to pick a big subject in the community of yoyoing and put it together peice by peice.  Wrongs rights and in betweens.  Again, this is not meant to offend anybody.  This is a discussion peice.

The subject of Fanboys in yoyoing is always around.  And we all know how to spot them.  Just look around, YYE has it’s fair share of fanboys.  And there is nothing to do to change that. They will always swear by ________ and that’s that.

Now if you allege yourself with one company and only buy from that company.  Think about what you as a yoyoer are missing.  Since you are only buying from _____ and most yoyo companies try to recycle shapes, you may only be able to two or three different shapes.  Now even if these yoyos have different weights, you really are still limiting yourself to two or three yoyos.  If you buy many yoyos from say YYJ, YYF, Duncan, General-Yo, DTI and SPYY, you are going to get many more different sizes weights and shapes than you would if you just bought from YYF.

Also, the defending of certain companies has lately gotten out of hand.  It is one thing for a sponsored player from the company to stand up and say “Hold on, this is what REALLY happens.”  But when ten and twelve year olds that are obsessed with the company try to set the record straight, it doesn’t usually go over in the best of fashions.  In short.  Companies can defend themselves.  We don’t need every little kid defending YYJ because they have a misled conception of them being “better” than other companies. If a company didn’t want to be criticized, they should not have become a company.  Once you hit a certain level, EVERY SINGLE thing you do will become scrutinized by hte masses.  This is true in yoyoing.  And for all of you kids who think you are doing YYF good by crying about how they do the best work out there.  This is kind of what you remind me of:
Also, how do we expect the YoYo World to expand if people won’t spread themselves out to try newer companies.  Some of the best yoyos come from these tiny homebrew companies, but some people won’t even give them a chance because they aren’t Duncan or YYF.

In short, don’t just stick to a single company because they have a few good yoyos, you may find that another company has even better yoyos that you like evn more.  Variety is the spice of life after all.

Thats all I have to say about that…

Till next time,

Quinton D Haley



I think were all aware of what a fanboy is.

I agree, I think if peopel just switched things up a bit it would be a whole lot better, like I used to just buy from YYF, YYJ and then I decided to switch it up and go for a different company, Rec Rev, No.9, awesome yoyo, any who I agree totally with what you said,

BTW, you might notice that some people have company names right on their signatures. This doesn’t necessarily denote fanboyism. It might, but I don’t really know if that’s the case for everyone. I personally have YYJ and Duncan on my siggy because I enjoy their lower end yo-yo’s and I don’t have the money to blow on a good metal; but I am partial to Peterfish a bit to YYF.


That reminds me of all the hot steam people were dishing out in the Yomega thread a few weeks ago. Coincidence?

Q, I love you!!! LOL!!! This is just like food, you ever know what you are going to like unless you give it a taste.


Ask my ex.

Over-analysis is my forte’

I don’t think you over analyzed anything. You got down to the root of it, and once again, gave some very usefull insight. You rock Q!!!

some people get nailed with the fanboy stuff when sometimes they are not.

Lets say me, am I sponsored by One Drop yes? do I like their products, oh heck yeah


I also like Caribou, Duncan, and 3Yo3 and even though I have a huge dislike for YYF I even own a Superstar and Skyline and throw both.

So just because one likes a certain company alot doesnt mean they dont use other products equally as much. I am lucky that One Drop is one of the coolest companies in the business and they are not limiting me as a collector, thrower, or person. They let me be me, but I do love One Drops haha so I am sorta a fanboy :slight_smile:

I like yoyos



Also, language warning for the video. (I clicked on it cause i wanted some laughs lol)

I just get whatever yoyo I want ( if I have enough money)

What he said.

Awesome post Q! :slight_smile:

Me too.
i don’t really concern about the company.

Fanboy will always be around. Theres some negativity around them. I think theres nothing wrong with them to like a single company. IF they did it the right way, like what bret said.

I am a yoyo fanboy. What now.

Haha I remember when you used to be all over yyf.

Yeah, I was wasn’t I. Then I started trying different yoyos, and came to learn that just about every company out there has something great to offer. So you shouldn’t limit yourself to one company.

I still love YYF though, but now I also love bbyy, clyw, and many others!

I first started with a DM. I thought I’d only buy YYJ. I then got a DV888 (look at my signature lol) and thought that YYJ and YYF was the only way to go and id be safe buying from them because they were the most popular 2 companies. Then I got a Caribou Lodge Gnarwhal after a couple other YYFs. It blew everything else away for me. I now realize getting different companies really is a lot more fun. I also got a general-yo now and I think i want a SPYY or HSpin for my next, simply just to try out the brand. Good post!

I don’t find anything wrong with being a Fanboy.